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Johns Hopkins graduate students create a lymphedema detection sensor

Media Inquiries Name Jason Lucas Email jlucas27@jhu.edu Cell phone 443-301-7993A sensor created by Johns Hopkins University graduate students to detect very early-stage lymphedema could spare thousands of patients a year, including many women with breast cancer, from the painful, debilitating condition.Lymphedema is a gradual buildup of lymphatic fluid in the extremities, often following cancer treatment, that causes swelling and...

‘The dawn of a new era in astronomy’

57 minutes ago

Not long ago, the idea of photographing a black hole was as quixotic as photographing a unicorn.Now, scientists have not one but two images of two different supermassive black holes — and they both look as magical as flaming...

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The language of dreams

1 hour ago

These are small studies, but they certainly find that people who speak any second language, even without good proficiency, at least occasionally dream in the second language.And if you were dreaming about people you’ve known as a young adult,...

Shielding children from food insecurity – no protection from psychological problems

13 hours ago

An increasing number of studies have shown an association between food insecurity and adverse mental health outcomes.Now, new research from McGill University has looked at the impacts of food insecurity on the mental health of both parents and children...

High rents, low incomes and soaring property prices leave 6000 homeless in SA

1 day ago

“It’s evident that responses to the housing crisis must provide tailored solutions to high-risk cohorts with specific needs.“Our survey data shows that South Australians are feeling heavily impacted by the housing crisis and don’t think enough is being done....

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Doing PhD In the UK: Pros and Cons

A doctorate of Ph.D. is considered to be the highest level of educational degrees awarded to the students. Just like...

Think carefully before doing PhD

The PhD degree, also known as a doctoral degree, is the highest degree in the training system of most universities...

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Shielding children from food insecurity – no protection from psychological problems

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