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September 06, 2022  by  Hung Tran

Print on demand is a business model that is gaining more and more popularity. It requires small initial investments and a business doesn’t need to have a physical inventory of the things they sell. That is the perfect way how to fulfill a dream of having an online shop without breaking the bank. 

Print on demand is a business model that is gaining more and more popularity. It requires small initial investments and a business doesn’t need to have a physical inventory of the things they sell. That is the perfect way how to fulfill a dream of having an online shop without breaking the bank. 

What is print on demand business?

Print on demand is when an item is printed only when there is an order. For example, there is an e-commerce shop that sells t-shirts with famous sayings. When a customer makes a purchase, the e-shop representative informs a print on demand partner, for example,, and the partner prints the t-shirt customer has ordered. Usually, the print on demand company also packs the order and ships it out.

Why are there almost no initial investments with print on demand?

The magic lies in the fact that a business has to print only the items that are already purchased. The customer pre-pays for the order and a shop already has the money locked in so that they can pay the print on demand partner for printing the item. The only investments a shop owner needs to make are creating a design to print, making an online shop, and marketing their business. And two of those are one-time investments. There are also lots of things in marketing that someone can do without financial support, but to really grow a business a person will need to allocate some money for marketing.

Why choose as a print on demand partner?

There are lots of reasons why work with – great customer service, quality products, and great reviews are just some of them.

Here are some convincing numbers why working with is a good choice:

  • 99.78% of customers keep their purchases.

  • 96.56% of partners keep working with after the first order.

  • 40% is the number by which a business that works with revenue has increased.

  • 98.72% of customer orders reached them in a week in perfect condition.

Printseekers will help brand a business

Branding can mean a lot of things. A business wants to be recognizable so people would remember it, recommend it to a friend and make a repeated purchase. Here are some options that offer that will help in growing a brand!

  • Branded labels. When a customer wants to remember what brand of clothing item it is they are wearing, they always reach for the label. With a business can put their shop's logo or website on the label and people will know where they got that amazing shirt or hoodie from.

  • Business cards. A good business needs a business card even in these digital times. A business representative can share their business card at in-person events or a shop can add them to the packages they send out to clients. Either way, business cards are still a useful tool how to brand a business.

  • Coupons and “Thank you” cards. A purchase package is a great way how to make the customer into a returning customer, for example, a business can add a coupon for the next purchase. Or an e-shop can add a simple but sweet “thank you” card, letting their customers know that they are appreciated. 

  • Custom stamps. It is a good idea for a business to not buy printed shipping boxes, but to buy a stamp with the business’s logo, and stamp all the boxes that go out. That way the business is not making any extra custom-printed items and can switch its logo design or stamp design at any time.

  • Commercial stickers. Stickers are great for supplementing packages that are going out. A business can stick them on the box or if they use tissue paper – a sticker can be used to keep it from moving. A business can also print some fun stickers that have something nice on them where the brand is secondary and add those stickers as a gift with every purchase. It helps to increase the happiness levels when a person gets a package, because who doesn’t love a good surprise gift!

Personal attitude with

People at take personalization very seriously and that includes a personal attitude to their clients. That means that a business gets a personal manager from day one! Someone who will learn the ins and outs of their customer’s business and will offer them the best solutions can offer. Every business gets individual support and undivided attention.

Outsource customer support

Creating products is fun, but answering questions about them all the time might get overwhelming plus takes a lot of time. If a business owner wants to free their time so they can do things for the business they enjoy the most, they can leave the customer support to will have a professional customer service employee to communicate with their client’s customers in their name and help a business get even more satisfied buyers.

Transparent returns

Returning an ordered item is a crucial step in today's online business. That is not only a must but also a safety net for people who are hesitant to make a purchase. makes sure that in most cases a business can offer a return of the item and a refund for it.

When to choose a print on demand business model?

How to know if a print on demand business is the right choice? There are a few situations when a print on demand business is the best option.

Digital artist. Print on demand business is a perfect way how an artist can earn money from their art. They just need to create designs for print on demand items, for example, t-shirts, canvas, hoodies, etc, create an e-shop, and sell their products!

Online business dream. Print on demand business can fulfill the dream of people who have always wanted to have an online business and live a nomadic lifestyle. Since there is no need for a physical inventory on hand, a person can be anywhere in the world and manage their print on demand shop remotely.

Perfect side hustle. If a person is looking for ways how to earn a little bit of extra cash print on demand business might be the perfect fit. The only thing a person needs to remember – they might need to put some money in before they start earning it back. But it is a small price to pay for a business that can, for the most part, sustain itself.


Print on demand is a great business opportunity. Especially with the growing demand for customized items and people being more comfortable with shopping online. There is also no harm in trying this business model since a person doesn’t need a lot of equipment or items to start with. For partnering options with interested people can contact their personal manager Jacob by e-mail [email protected] or visit their website –

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