Older 'Family Fortunes Voters' influenced by financial struggles of younger relatives

September 13, 2023

Having younger family members struggling financially is a key motivation for older adults to embrace policies which offer support to young adults, according to the researchThe researchers call this group ‘Family Fortunes Voters’, and it is estimated to represent 17% of the electorate (people aged 40+ with younger relatives struggling financially). * Respondents were asked about living standards both current and future, financial security, the financial situation of family members, and their support for different political parties and policies. They will loom large in the minds of younger voters. Many have concerns about struggling younger family members, and are keen to see policies that will help them become financially secure. Policies aimed at young adults are more popular among those with struggling younger relatives than those without, sometimes by a 10 point+ margin.

The source of this news is from University of Oxford