Aug 15 2023

9 Personality Traits of Truly Confident People: How Many Do You Have?

Perus Khasiro


9 Personality Traits of Truly Confident People: How Many Do You Have? 


Genuinely confident people make decisions based on what they consider to be right. They don't need other people's validation or glory as they know their worth and will not talk others down. Their personality traits build their confidence even when faced with challenging situations.


Confidence can take many shapes and forms. For some, it's about being comfortable in their skin. For others, a sense of self-efficacy allows them to take on challenges and succeed. 


Confidence can also be a double-edged sword. Some people may have false confidence, often used as a mask to hide their true insecurities. However, genuinely confident people have an aura that radiates out to those around them and inspires admiration. 


Learning the habits of these people can help you build your confidence, but which personality traits truly set them apart? 


In this article, we uncover 9 cardinal personality traits of truly confident people so you can learn from the best and use their approaches to build your confidence. Let’s go!

9 Personality Traits of People with True Confidence

Confident people have ingrained traits that they leverage to improve their lives or particular situations. Explore this list and see how many of these confidence traits you have.

1. They Are Self-Aware

True confidence is rooted in discovering and understanding oneself. This means people who brim with confidence regularly assess themselves positively and negatively to uncover their strengths, weaknesses, and potential. 


As a result, they're honest with themselves and others, which is a cornerstone of confidence. The deep desire to learn more about oneself also helps them become an even better version of themselves.

2. They Derive Their Happiness from Within

A better job, a bigger house, or more money can make life easier, but truly happy people know this type of external gratification is fleeting. For them, happiness is an internal experience. They don't rely on external circumstances or other people to make them feel good. 


Confident people draw pleasure and satisfaction from their accomplishments and don't worry too much about what others think of their successes. They recognize that no matter what anyone says, you're the one who holds the key to your happiness.

3. They Are Nonjudgmental

Confident people don't judge others because they understand everyone has something valuable to contribute, and they don't need to size others up to feel better about themselves. They grant respect and compassion to everyone, regardless of their views and beliefs. 

After all, comparing yourself to others is a recipe for limitation. That's why these people don't waste time basing their worth on how they measure up to everyone they meet.

4. They Take Responsibility

Whether faced with conflict, failure, or success, confident people take full responsibility for their actions and reactions. They aren't afraid to be proven wrong, nor do they treat being mistaken as a source of shame or weakness. 


People with confidence learn from their mistakes and understand it is part of the learning process. They don't hold back from trying again because they know they will get it right eventually.

5. They Are Optimistic

If you want to be truly happy and confident, having an optimistic outlook on life is essential. Optimism allows you to look at the bright side of situations and to see the potential good that can come out of any difficulty. And this is what self-assured people have in common — they stay positive and lean into life's possibilities. They don’t let circumstances define them but use them as an opportunity to grow and learn. As a result, they become better equipped to handle future challenges. 


Optimism also allows confident people to stay motivated and focused on achieving their goals. They know the journey has its ups and downs. Still, they don't let the occasional disappointments discourage them and keep them from reaching their ultimate objectives. Furthermore, optimism helps people better appreciate the present moment and all it offers. They recognize life's beauty and joy and take time to savor it.

6. They Are Courageous

Next up on our list of personality traits of truly confident people is courage. Being courageous means taking risks and standing up for your beliefs. You're not afraid to break away from the status quo and go against the grain, knowing that you'll be able to handle whatever consequences come your way. 


Courageous people still notice fear, but instead of letting it stop them in their tracks, they use it to fuel them. In other words, this is the kind of person who isn't afraid to take a leap of faith and see where it leads them.

7. They Celebrate Others

Unlike insecure people who constantly seek validation by trying to steal the spotlight and put others down, confident people understand that celebrating the successes of their peers is a powerful form of connection. They aren’t worried about their relevance and are secure enough in their abilities to be genuinely delighted in others’ accomplishments and successes. 


People with true confidence are often the first to recognize a job well done and don’t hesitate to offer compliments and kind words. This is because they understand that when we all win, the whole world wins.

8. They Are Doers

Is there another way to describe genuinely confident people? Yes, a "doer." These are the type of people who take action and don't let fear or doubts stop them. They don't wait for the perfect timing before they start something. 

Instead, they dive in and get it done even if they don't have all the answers. 


Doers don't give up easily, even when the odds are stacked against them. They firmly believe they can make things happen if they work hard. This is why they look for solutions rather than excuses in tough situations and have the resilience to push through failure.

9. They Don’t Say Yes Unless They Want To

Our last personality trait of truly confident people is that they don’t say yes to something unless it aligns with their values and beliefs. A study at the University of California in San Francisco found that difficulty saying “no” often leads to stress, burnout, and depression. 


Therefore, genuinely confident people understand that it is healthy to say "no" when they feel like something isn't right for them. They know their boundaries and make their "no's" clear. They also know that saying no honors their existing commitments, so they avoid phrases like "maybe" or "I'll try."

Loving Yourself is Key to Being Confident!

Building self-confidence is an ongoing journey that requires consistency, dedication, and self-reflection. It involves developing a solid sense of self-worth not rooted in comparisons to others but in self-acceptance and understanding.




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