Associate Senior Lecturer in medical and health engineering

Mälardalen University
February 13, 2024
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Associate Senior Lecturer in medical and health engineering Västeras

Mälardalen University (MDU) is the youngest university in Sweden. In line with our vision, to be a progressive and collaborative University where we shape a sustainable future together, we wish to make a difference.

Do you want to be involved and contribute to our development?

Together, we can create a sustainable future through knowledge and innovation. We believe that knowledge and new perspectives are best attained and reached together in collaboration with others – our colleagues, students, the private and public sectors, both nationally and internationally

At the School of Innovation, Design and Engineering our students are studying to be for example innovators, entrepreneurs, illustrators, communications officers, network technicians and engineers. Here we have the research specialisations of Embedded Systems, and Innovation and Product Realisation. Our work takes place in cooperation with and in strategic agreements with companies, organisations and public authorities in the region.

Employment information

Employment: Temporary employment, 6 years Scope: Full time Number of positions: 1 Closing date for application: 2024-02-13 Campus location: Västeras School: School of Innovation, Design and Engineering, (IDT), Division of Intelligent Future Technologies (IFT)

For information and a detailed description of basic eligibility requirements and assessment criteria, that apply to a position of an Associate Senior Lecturer, please consult the Appointment Regulations for Mälardalen University.

Work duties

An appointment as Associate Senior Lecturer is a fixed-term career-development position of least four years and at the most six years in accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance Chapter 4, Section 12 a.

The purpose of the appointment is for the teacher to have the opportunity to develop research autonomy and acquire the scholarly and teaching qualifications required for the eligibility requirement for appointment as a Senior Lecturer.

The employment will consist of 80% - 100% research and 0-20% teaching involving trusted smart systems within medical and health engineering. The research part will consist of both own research and participation in projects in collaboration with other researchers and PhD students at MDU, in addition to collaboration with external parts (both public and private sector). Supervision of PhD students, master students and/or candidate students can be a part of the work tasks, as collaboration in applications for external research fundings.

The candidate will be an appreciated member of the research direction medical and health engineering (MHE) and give valuable contributions to the research in development of new technologies to diagnose, treat and prevent diseases, and to support humans wellbeing.

Eligibility requirements

The entry requirements to be appointed as an associate Senior Lecturer is primarily a person who has graduated with a Degree of Doctor or has the equivalent academic competence at least five years before the time for application for employment as an Associate Senior Lecturer has expired.

The applicant should have completed ten weeks of higher education teaching and learning education or acquired equivalent knowledge in another way. Anyone who is appointed as an Associate Senior Lecturer but who lacks a higher education teaching and learning education will be offered such an employment within two and a half years. The higher education teaching and learning at Mälardalen University corresponds to ten weeks.

The applicant should have a Degree of Doctor within health engineering, medical engineering, electronical measurements technique or equivalent. The applicant should have knowledge within measurement techniques and electronics for measurements of physiological parameters. The applicant should have knowledge within signal processing and algorithm development for assessment and classification of collected data. The applicant should have scientific publications at leading conferences and in leading journals within the areas mentioned above. The applicant should have the ability to express himself/herself in written and spoken English.

Assessment criteria

The assessment criteria will be based partly on the degree of skill required for the position and partly on the ability and suitability otherwise required to carry out the work duties.

Regarding the nature of the appointment as a career-development position, the applicants' scholarly and educational merits will be assessed primarily in qualitative terms. A quantitative advantage of an applicant, which can be explained by an applicant who has been working operatively for a long time, will therefore not be a deciding factor.

In addition to the established basic assessment criteria, according to the Appointment Regulations for Mälardalens University, some additional criteria apply to this position.

It is a merit with experience of measurements and analysis of photoplethysmography and electrical bioimpedance, ECG and movement data.

Experience of interaction with test persons is a merit.

Experience of collaboration with public and private sector and experience of commercialization of research results in form of patenting and collaboration with start ups/companies is a merit.

In an overall assessment of suitability, emphasis is also placed on personal abilities. All employees at MDU are expected to cooperate and treat colleagues and students with respect, take responsibility for the organisation and their own work duties and contribute to a positive work environment.

Especially, we value the following personal qualities/abilities:

Good collaborative skills

Ability to work independently and structured


We value qualities that contribute to improving the age and gender balance as well as the ethnic and cultural diversity in the organisation.

Upon promotion to senior lecturer

By the end of the appointment as an Associate Senior Lecturer the applicant has the right to be assessed for appointment to senior lecturer. The appointment to senior lecturer is until further notice.

The application for promotion must have been received no later than six months before the end of the appointment period. At the time of promotion to Senior Lecturer the applicant must have completed a qualifying course in higher education pedagogy.

To be eligible to be promoted as a Senior Lecturer the applicant must have demonstrated the scholarly expertise and teaching skills required for such an appointment.

The eligibility qualifications and assessment criteria required to be promoted and appointed as a Senior Lecturer are stated in Appointment Regulations for Mälardalen University.

For this position, specific criteria for promotion to Senior Lecturer are added.

  • The employee has shown an increasing independence in research over time, both regarding depth and breadth.
  • The employee has received research fundings and/or to an important extent contributed as co-applicant in larger approved applications.
  • The employee has published scientific contributions in for the subject relevant and respected channels that constitutes a contribution to the scientific discussion nationally and internationally.
  • The employee has, in addition to the thesis, documented research that corresponds to at least an additional thesis, which shows that the research has developed according to praxis within the subject.
  • The employee has a well documented pedagogical portfolio, including pedagogical qualifications, pedagogical basic view, reasoning around the student's learning development and reflections around ones own development as a teacher, now and in the future.
  • The employee has shown good ability to collaborate both internally and with external partners.
  • The employee has been involved in supervision of PhD students.


    Application is made online. Make your application by clicking the "Apply" button below.

    The applicant is responsible for ensuring that the application is complete in accordance with the advertisement and will reach the University no later than closing date for application.

    We look forward to receiving your application!

    Union representatives:

    Saco-S [email protected] Susanne Meijer ST-OFR/S, tel: 021-10 14 89

    We decline all contact with recruiters and salespersons of advertisements. We have made our strategic choices for this recruitment.

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    Maria Lindén


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    Fredrik Ekstrand

    Head of section

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    Annica Kristoffersson

    Senior Lecturer

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