Jun 27 2021

Which Careers Are In High Demand In Dubai And How To Easily Find A Job

Pete Alisher


In recent years, Dubai has become one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. It’s a commercial hub ever springing up with new business innovations, new startups, and establishment of global companies. The emirates are also a fantastic tourist destination. From its incomparable skyscrapers, great beaches, world-class theme parks, phenomenal infrastructures, palatial hotels to its desert safari experience, tourists always get enchanted and drawn to explore the city.

As you would imagine, behind the high rate of innovations are talented professionals. As such,   Dubai is one of the most in-demand locations for fresh talent. Its tax-free income, world class facilities, safe environment, acceptance of diverse cultures, and affordability are major reasons why foreign workers look for ways to get employed in Dubai. 

If you’re still in college and not sure of how to go about your professional career, it would be nice if you had an understanding of high demand careers in the city. Whether you’re considering a move to the city or seeking a career move there, we’ve put together a list of careers mostly demanded in Dubai.

1. Risk and Security Management

As most companies are going completely digital and taking new technologies, there is more threat to data and businesses than ever before. Especially when there are no in-house professionals who can predict, manage, inspect and prevent these risks. By security, we sure don’t mean security guards as you well know. Jobs demanded for in this context are risk managers and security analysts.

2. Recruiters and Human Resource Management 

The labour laws in Dubai are being regularly updated in order to create a healthy working environment for employees of different backgrounds, as such, there is high demand for HR professionals. At the same time, companies are also looking to find good talents that are the right fit for them – that is where recruiters or talent acquisition specialists come in. If you fall into these categories, Dubai Recruitment Agencies should be your next search on Google. Jobs in this field usually fall under HR managers, HR business partners, and Talent acquisition specialists. 

3. Data Science and AI

Considering that Dubai is at the frontline of digital prowess, modernizing businesses within the city is inevitable. Companies are adapting to remote work environments and are searching for people who can implement transformations or take charge of their digital departments.

After tech global giants adopted AI, there’s been high demand for professionals in in-house technology teams in the Emirates. Apart from the fact that it is high-paying, AI specialists are among professionals that can apply for long-term UAE residency visa.

Finding A Job

The first thing you need to do is to get your resume written professionally, register on job boards, and apply for jobs that meet your requirements. Also, if you have a LinkedIn Account, this would probably be a good time to get active on it. 

Visit company websites, have a list for cold calls, and go for conferences. Conferences are a great way to network; you never know who’d you meet. They just might be your next employer.

There are still different careers in high demand apart from the ones listed here such as sales professionals, digital marketers, social media managers, engineers, architects, IT professionals, graphic designers, software developers, medical practitioners, and many others. The careers listed here are not any more important than others. It is a thriving city and there’s a high chance that even if your field isn’t popular, there would be use for it in Dubai. 

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