Sep 28 2021

Using Exercise Book, Flashcards, And More: 5 Studying Hacks To Ace Your Exam  



Having an exam coming up might make you feel extra anxious, especially since you need to guarantee a passing grade. Depending on the exam you’re having, having an outstanding score can help ensure your future. However, with the added pressure on your end, you might not focus well and ace your exams.  

As you study for your exams, having the highest score would always benefit your future, no matter how short a quiz is. This will allow you to fully understand the subject and make the most out of your classes. 

Moreover, listed below are the studying hacks to ace your exam:  

  1.     Have an Exercise Book

Your books are available to provide you complete information about a certain topic. However, with a challenging subject that you need to focus on, relying solely on the book might be difficult, resulting in information overload. When this happens, you might not concentrate well, especially with thousands of words surrounding a specific topic.  

To narrow down the information you need, you should consider having an exercise book, and by exercise book, we mean the classic composition notebook used in schools. While it might feel like an old-school process, it can be helpful to customize your notes, making you fully understand your topics. You can even purchase cute composition notebooks to keep you happy and motivated as you write down information.  

  1.     Consider A Flashcard 

Another way you can list down information about your exam is by creating a flashcard, which you can use to quiz yourself as you review before the exam. When creating a flashcard, you can use small index cards and write down the topic and its full description on the backside. This will allow you only to see the subject and come up with the narrative about what you think best describes the text.  

When creating a flashcard, try to make their descriptions precise yet easy for you to understand. This way, you can easily read and remember any necessary information. You can ask someone to quiz you using a flashcard for a more challenging experience. 

  1.     Be Organized  

Studying for an exam would most likely be effective if you create a plan that could help you learn better. If you choose to study any book that you pick up from your desk, you might not be able to provide an effective flow that can confuse you, especially if there’s a specific topic that you’re having trouble comprehending fully.  

To organize your studying habits, you could begin reviewing a topic that you think is the easiest for you and work your way towards the challenging subject. Through this, you don’t take too much time on a single topic, not allowing yourself to review other matters. You should also consider organizing your desk and avoid it from getting messy and cluttered as you might get distracted and spend your time fixing it rather than studying on it.  

  1.     Keep Distractions Away

Keeping your phone with you as you try to study will only keep you distracted during the process. While you may want to assure yourself that you won’t be using your phone while reviewing, you might want to check on it just to see any new notifications. To put your full focus on your study time, you should keep distractions away by putting them in a separate room.  

Apart from keeping your phone away, you should also prevent yourself from studying near a TV. You can also keep your tablets and laptop away from you. However, if you need them for learning, you should try to download offline files and turn the Wi-Fi off to prevent yourself from visiting any entertainment or social networking websites.  

  1.     Don’t Forget to Take a Break

No matter how much you want to study for the entire day to ace your exam, you shouldn’t forget to take a break once in a while. Continuous studying without any breaks might not be beneficial, especially when you’re no longer absorbing information. With a decent number of breaks during your study time, you can allow for maximum efficiency and productivity, making your hard work worth it.  

Ideally, you should study for full 20 minutes and take a five-minute break after. You can either check your phone, pour yourself a cup of coffee, or stand up and roam around the room. This way, you’re giving yourself enough time to rest your mind and be able to prepare for the next information you’re going to store.  


Studying isn’t just re-reading your books as you need to comprehend every topic fully. With the right information you have on your mind, you can ace your exam and be able to harvest the fruit of your labor. While the process can be challenging and stressful, once you get to see the results of your hard work, you’ll be happy about every minute and dedication you put into it.  


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