May 01 2023

TESLA stock: Pros and Cons of Tesla's Competitive Features

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In this article, we provide the view of our research team for the Tesla stock (TSLA). Results of this article is based on the mathematic models and AI tools to predict the future market in terms of time period. You can examine, cross-check and have your own strategy to buy and sell this stock.  Articles of value stocks will be provided to Academic Gates Community for free.


Tesla (TSLA) is a leading company in the automotive industry, known for its electric vehicles, energy storage solutions, and solar power products. As a pioneer in the field of electric vehicles, Tesla has faced fierce competition from both traditional automakers and new startups. In this article, we will examine the pros and cons of Tesla's competitive features.


1. Innovative technology: Tesla is known for its cutting-edge technology, which has been instrumental in the company's success. Tesla's electric drivetrains, autonomous driving capabilities, and energy storage solutions are all examples of the company's commitment to innovation.


2. Strong brand recognition: Tesla has built a strong brand identity, which has helped the company stand out in a crowded market. The Tesla name is often synonymous with electric vehicles and renewable energy, and the company's marketing efforts have helped to establish this identity.


3. Vertical integration: Tesla is vertically integrated, meaning it owns and controls every aspect of its supply chain, from battery production to vehicle manufacturing and sales. This allows Tesla to have more control over its products and ensure a high level of quality.


4. Large network of charging stations: Tesla has developed a large network of charging stations, which has helped to alleviate one of the biggest concerns people have about electric vehicles - range anxiety. This network makes it easier for Tesla owners to travel long distances without worrying about running out of battery power.




1. High prices: Tesla's vehicles are often more expensive than comparable vehicles from traditional automakers. This has made it difficult for Tesla to compete in the mass-market segment of the automotive industry.


2. Limited model range: While Tesla has a range of vehicles, it has not yet developed a vehicle for every segment of the market. This limits the company's ability to compete with traditional automakers that offer a wide range of vehicles.


3. Production challenges: Tesla has faced production challenges in the past, which have led to delays in delivering vehicles to customers. This has resulted in frustration among customers and has given competitors an opportunity to gain market share.


4. Dependence on government incentives: Tesla's success has been largely dependent on government incentives and regulations that favor electric vehicles. If these incentives were to be scaled back or eliminated, it could have a significant impact on the company's ability to compete.

Recently, TSLA stock has been dropped significantly and it has reached the buying point on 28-April. It is time to buy now.

The best price right now is around 158-161

The top price will be reached around 27-Jun-2023.

Long-term, this stock will increase until 07-Oct-2024

Note that, we only predict the time that stock price may get the top and bottom in time. You need to check the price model before buying or selling your stock. We use TradingView and our analysis and predict tools to make this report. 

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