Feb 28 2023

High Quality Data Science Courses

Tony Hanson


Data scientists generally earn high salaries because they have a unique set of skills that are in high demand across a variety of industries. Data scientists are able to extract insights and value from large and complex datasets using a combination of programming, statistics, and domain expertise. These skills are highly sought after by organizations that are looking to make data-driven decisions and optimize their operations.

There are several data science courses that are very helpful for someone interested in pursuing a career in data science. Here are a few examples:


1- Complete Data Science Bootcamp

This course is designed for individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in data science or who want to learn more about the field. It is suitable for beginners as it covers the fundamentals and progressively develops your skills. If you are looking for a rewarding career, this course is for you.

It is ranked as 4.6 stars by 116 000 students all over the world. Most importantly, the price is 12 USD (discount time).

2- Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp

This course will teach you how to program with Python, how to create amazing data visualizations, and how to use Machine Learning with Python! 


Here a just a few of the topics will be learning:

  • Programming with Python

  • NumPy with Python

  • Using pandas Data Frames to solve complex tasks

  • Use pandas to handle Excel Files

  • Web scraping with python

  • Connect Python to SQL

  • Use matplotlib and seaborn for data visualizations

  • Use plotly for interactive visualizations

  • Machine Learning with SciKit Learn, including:

  • Linear Regression

  • K Nearest Neighbors

  • K Means Clustering

  • Decision Trees

  • Random Forests

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Neural Nets and Deep Learning

  • Support Vector Machines

  • and much, much more!

  • Enroll in the course and become a data scientist today!

It is ranked as 4.6 stars by 124 000 students all over the world. The price is 12 USD (discount time).


3- Python & R in Data Science

This course has been created by experienced data scientists and machine learning experts to provide a comprehensive introduction to the field. It is designed to help you learn complex concepts, algorithms, and coding libraries in an easy-to-understand way. With over 900,000 students worldwide, this course has a strong reputation for quality and effectiveness. It is structured to guide you step-by-step through the world of machine learning, building your skills and understanding as you progress. You can choose to complete the course using either Python, R, or both languages, depending on your career goals.


It is ranked as 4.6 stars by 164 000 students all over the world. The price is 12 USD (discount time).

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in Machine Learning.

  • Students who have at least high school knowledge in math and who want to start learning Machine Learning.

  • Any intermediate level people who know the basics of machine learning, including the classical algorithms like linear regression or logistic regression, but who want to learn more about it and explore all the different fields of Machine Learning.

  • Any people who are not that comfortable with coding but who are interested in Machine Learning and want to apply it easily on datasets.

  • Any students in college who want to start a career in Data Science.

  • Any data analysts who want to level up in Machine Learning.

  • Any people who are not satisfied with their job and who want to become a Data Scientist.

  • Any people who want to create added value to their business by using powerful Machine Learning tools.

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