Nov 07 2022

Top Survival Tips for International Students

Ethan Clark

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Moving abroad to pursue your education is a massive step in your life. Most international students face challenges when settling in a new country. They may have to learn a new language, adapt to a new culture, and make new friends.

How quickly you settle is a huge factor in the direction your stay will take. Some people get overwhelmed, forcing them to give up and go home. However, you can hack your way around with the right choices and decisions. Below are the top survival tips for international students.

Join Local Communities

Deciding to go solo on your quest to settle abroad can be challenging. Every campus or college will have a local community for international students. Look for such communities to help you get started on your new adventure.

The community will help you meet and make new friends. You will also learn more about the culture, where to eat, and where you can get affordable accommodation. Also, check out the Interstride website where you will get help on migration, settling in, and meeting local communities.

Learn the Language

Language barriers can make it more challenging to settle in your country. However, it is always important to try and learn the local language. Find friends and speak with them. They will help you learn the language.

Locals will also appreciate you more if you show interest in their language and culture. Learning a new language will also make your studies challenging. Our advice is to try to trim your coursework, which will simplify your life.

Plan Your Budget

Budgeting is vital. As an international student, you must plan for the money you have to avoid getting into debt. Some students choose to take up side hustles to earn extra cash.

Living costs can vary depending on the country or state where you are living. You can find cheaper accommodation options such as finding roommates to help you split rent and other bills. You can also choose to cook your meals rather than ordering out. You can also shop in flea markets to get cheap clothes and shoes.

Blog or Journal

Living in a foreign country can be stressful, and homesickness will kick in, especially if you don't have relatives nearby. Here, we recommend journaling your thoughts to keep your mind occupied whenever you feel bored or depressed.

You can also create a blog where you can share your stories. In hindsight, you may earn some extra cash from your website. If you are not good at writing, you can take photos or shoot videos sharing your experience abroad.

Wrapping Up

Life as an international student can be fun if you hack your way around it. The tips in this guide will be handy if you plan to move to a new country in the near feature. Communities and clubs within campus can help you transition into your new life.

Also, take your time to research your new country. Learning more about your new country will help you start conversations with the locals. Also, read about the experiences of other international students.

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