May 01 2023

NET: Cloudflare, Innovative Web Infrastructure and Security Services and its Stock

Turning Point


In this article, we provide the view of our research team for the Cloudflare (NET). Results of this article is based on the mathematic models and AI tools to predict the future market in terms of time period. You can examine, cross-check and have your own strategy to buy and sell this stock.  Articles of value stocks will be provided to Academic Gates Community for free.

Cloudflare (NET) is a technology company that provides various web infrastructure and security services to businesses of all sizes. Here are some potential pros and cons of the company:


  1. Comprehensive product offerings: Cloudflare offers a wide range of web infrastructure and security services, including content delivery network (CDN), website optimization, DDoS protection, and firewall, among others.
  2. Strong market position: Cloudflare is a well-established player in the web infrastructure and security market, with a large customer base and strong brand recognition.
  3. Innovative technology: Cloudflare is known for its innovative approach to web security and infrastructure, with products that leverage machine learning and AI to protect against cyber threats.
  4. Scalable platform: Cloudflare's platform is designed to be highly scalable and able to handle large volumes of traffic, making it ideal for businesses with high levels of web traffic.


  1. Intense competition: Cloudflare operates in a highly competitive market, with other major players such as Akamai, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure.
  2. Dependence on key customers: While Cloudflare serves a large and diverse customer base, a significant portion of its revenue comes from a few key customers, which could pose a risk to its business if those customers were to leave.
  3. Limited geographic presence: While Cloudflare has a global presence, its operations are still primarily concentrated in the United States, which could limit its growth potential in other regions.
  4. Limited profitability: Like many other technology companies, Cloudflare has not yet achieved sustained profitability, which could be a concern for some investors.

Competitive Advantages:

  1. Strong security focus: Cloudflare has a strong reputation for providing effective web security solutions, with products that are designed to protect against a wide range of cyber threats.
  2. Integrated platform: Cloudflare's products are integrated into a single platform, providing a more streamlined and efficient experience for customers.
  3. Performance optimization: Cloudflare's products are designed to optimize website performance and speed, which can lead to better user experiences and higher conversion rates.
  4. Developer-friendly: Cloudflare offers a range of tools and APIs that are designed to make it easy for developers to integrate its products into their applications and workflows, which could help to drive adoption and loyalty.

Predict the Stock Price of CloudFlare (NET)

NET has been dropped 24% due to the decrease in earning and adjustment in earning report 2023. Hower, we see that this stock will be increased in short time. 

According to our analsys, the stock price will be dropped at the bottom around 15-May-2023 and climb to the short-term top around 15-Jul-2023.

Long term: This stock continues increasing until August-2024.

Note that, we only predict the time that stock price may get the top and bottom in time. You need to check the price model before buying or selling your stock. We use TradingView and our analysis and predict tools to make this report. 

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