Aug 06 2020

The Impact Of A Clean Studying Environment For Teachers And Students

Academic Gates


When parents entrust their children to the school, the primary responsibility of the teachers is to teach the students their lessons. Students are also expected to cooperate and do their part so that learning is enhanced. Because of this, there are other activities aimed to master a lesson, which students and teachers alike have to do, fostering a conducive learning environment. One of these is keeping the school clean.
A cluttered school or learning environment can affect the ability of the students to learn. Teachers can lose their focus, too, because of the visual clutter surrounding them. So, the next time someone asks you to pick up clutter around your school, you might want to help out for these reasons: 

1. Makes For A Better Learning Environment

Have you ever tried getting some work done and then suddenly get distracted because you can see from your peripherals that there are things that need to be picked up and put back in its place? This usually happens when the learning environment isn't clean. Your learning experience isn't maximized because your attention drifts away to the clutter around.
In turn, this can affect the overall performance of students. Rather than being focused on what the teacher is talking about, their attention is steered towards the things in the learning environment that now serves as a nuisance. A clean learning environment can, therefore, improve the focus of both the student and the teacher. 

2. Creates Excitement To Learn
Ever remember that feeling of getting excited to come home to a clean house? That same feeling is what a clean studying environment has for both the student and the teacher. 
Teachers are more motivated to do their job when they’re working in a clean environment. Because it’s sanitary, teachers don’t have to worry about doing all the cleaning by themselves anymore. After all the hard work and patience that they go through in a day, the last thing that they want is to be stressed with a dirty environment.
The same holds for the older kids, too. Students are more motivated to learn when the environment is clean. For instance, no kid wants to be anywhere near foul odor and visible trash and clutter. Some kids will even want to run away from this kind of set up

3. Minimizes The Risk Of Spreading Disease

Diseases can easily spread in a dirty environment. An unsanitary place is the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria to thrive. Parents don’t want to send their kids to school if they can't rely on the institution's sanitary practices. Fortunately, a high standard of housekeeping from Detroit school cleaning services can help prevent the spread of viruses and other diseases in a school.
For instance, the cafeteria tables, toilet seats, and even the playground equipment can be a perfect hotspot for bacteria, especially since many students touch them regularly. Thus, there should always be staff responsible for cleaning surfaces regularly.
When a disease spreads in a school, this can adversely affect the entire community in which it belongs. There may be some teachers that can no longer report to work or some parents now become fearful to send their kids back to school. Overall, learning is disrupted. 
This negative result could've otherwise been avoidable had the school simply emphasized to keep the school premises sanitary.

4. Gives Children More Room To Play

This section applies to schools that are geared towards younger children, like toddlers and primary school. The cleaner the school is, the more space there could be for children to move around and play. Because of this, parents and teachers alike won't be afraid to let kids freely move around as they're confident that there isn't any clutter that could harm the kids.
For example, there are no wrappers that can cause untoward slip and fall accidents or there are no sharp objects that kids may accidentally pick up or step on. 

5. Improves Productivity

In the workplace, employees are more productive when their area is clean. In schools, the workplace of teachers is the classrooms. 
When the studying environment is clean, teachers also become more motivated to report to work every day. They can interact with their students better because of the clean and healthy environment. Plus, teachers also don't have to waste so much time looking for learning paraphernalia as they know that everything is in its place. 
Students, in turn, can study smarter when they’re able to work hand-in-hand more positively with their teachers. 


For these reasons and so many more, you now understand why it's necessary to keep the learning environment clean. Whether you're studying at home or in school, before you even get started with your lessons, take the time to make sure that everything is in order. 
The key here is to make sure that you're productive with your learning time. Otherwise, when everyone is distracted by all the clutter around, then you can be sure that learning isn't as effective. A clean environment is the secret to a happy and positive learning experience.