Feb 21 2023

How to get a highly paid remote IT: 6 tips

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Many employers have highly appreciated the opportunity to transfer employees to remote work, if not all, then at least some of them. First of all, it is efficient. But it is worth thinking that by saving on equipment, light, etc. bosses began to unanimously raise wages for remote employees. Finding remote IT jobs with high salaries is, of course, easier now than 5 years ago, but you still need to try. It should be said right away that juniors should not expect that they will immediately be able to afford a lot as soon as they find their first job. This article is more for middle and senior level professionals.


Understanding the labor market

This is the first thing you need to do — understand the labor market. Look through the sites with vacancies in the IT field. Here you will find several offers with a solid salary. In addition, it is important to understand that the competition for such vacancies is much higher. You have a chance to beat other job seekers if you write your resume well, and write a compelling cover letter.

If you have the work experience and skills that the company needs, you can get this job. But such vacancies are rare. There are several reputable companies with training courses that work directly with employers. That's exactly where many good vacancies settle. 

Make a list of companies you want to work for that pay well

To do this, you will have to carefully study the market for IT firms. Of course, if you are a programmer with experience, then you can immediately name 5-10 such companies. Now check the list of vacancies to see if there are any suitable offers. If not, then you need to get down to business. First of all, reduce the list to a minimum, otherwise the search for a highly-paid IT job will be delayed.

Find employees of selected companies on social networks

The first and most important acquaintance should take place on the Internet. Like photos, repost, and leave comments. But be aware that these people will definitely look at your profile, especially if you have contacted someone in charge of human resources or someone from management, they do this automatically. So, you need to put things in order on your page.

Follow company events

Also, be sure to keep an eye on whether the company organizes any events. This is not about fun corporate parties, but, for example, about exhibitions and conferences. You need to get to this event in order to get to know the employees that are important to you.

Take care of what you present to your potential employers. Not only a resume is important here, but your ability to talk about your experience, projects, skills, and personal qualities. It is highly desirable to take part in writing open-source code. This will not give you a guarantee that you will get the job you want, but will earn respect among colleagues and supervisors.

Do not despair

If you do everything right, you may not get a job right away, but by continuing to communicate and maintain a relationship with the company, you will definitely move up to the top applicants for the desired position, for example in remote Azure jobs.

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