Mar 17 2021

Doing PhD In the UK: Pros and Cons

Pete Alisher

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A doctorate of Ph.D. is considered to be the highest level of educational degrees awarded to the students. Just like any other country in the world, the United Kingdom also has a wide range of subjects to choose from for pursuing a Ph.D.

Students from all over the world, including the resident students of the UK itself, prefer doing Ph.D. from the UK because of its worldwide recognition, and top-quality research work. It grooms students to become great researchers.

The UK is well-known for its extensive and enriched research resources which gives the Ph.D. scholars to carry out all the research that they want to without any boundaries or imitations.

A Ph.D. scholar is paid £15,000 to £17,000 per annum. In the UK, a Ph.D. scholar can be appointed either as a researcher, a scientist, or in the academic field as a lecturer.

If you are one of those students who are interested in getting a Ph.D., but on the other hand are also skeptical whether you are a suitable candidate for it or not, then here are a few pros and cons that will somehow help you in making the right decision for yourself.

Pros of Pursuing a Ph.D. From The UK

  • Multi-cultural Environment:
    The UK is both a traditionally and culturally multi-diverse area. Even if you are a local citizen, you can use the UK’s environment in your favor. It is indeed a great place to carry out your research work and not only that, being an international student, you can enjoy a friendly and healthy environment, considering it a home away from your actual home.

  • Great Exposure:
    Once you are done with your Degree, you can easily enjoy good exposure to the markets and industry. This will not only help you get a good job offer but would also expose you in a better way to the competitive market, where you can easily make yourself known.

  • Increased Skills:
    Exploring your subject or field of interest, and working your way to make further discoveries in it would be a task that you would enjoy doing. The UK encourages participation in research, and this in itself would enhance your interpersonal skills and develop your talents further, thus grooming you as a confident individual.

  • Challenging Role:
    By enrolling yourself in a Ph.D. program, you would be aware that it is quite a challenging field and that you will be exerting all your energy towards it. But this is a very healthy and beneficial activity for you, for it would help you in staying motivated and sticking to the cause in this competitive world.

Cons of Pursuing a Ph.D. From The UK

  • More to Do in Less Time:
    The UK education system requires you to stay up-to-date with all the latest trends. For this, you need to hustle otherwise you are bound to get left behind. And this is where the need to stay focused on both your studies and current affairs becomes important. And this is quite difficult to manage for anyone.

  • Accommodation:  
    If you are planning to pursue a Ph.D., then you should also be quite aware of the fact that accommodation might become a problem for you. There are many students, both local and international who travel within cities to pursue their education and so, getting a good place to stay might become a problem if you are late in renting a good place out!

  • Job Uncertainty:
    Jobs are not promised for anyone. No one knows how much effort they would have to exert to land themselves a job that is convenient and well-suited according to their skills.

    Therefore, if you are looking to opt for a Ph.D. in the UK in hopes that you will land yourself a very rewarding job, then you might want to rethink your decision once again!

  • Feeling of Being Left Behind:
    It is very common for a person to feel left behind while pursuing a Ph.D. when he sees that his friends and colleagues are already ahead of him in terms of family and career, and so, he might often question his decision or think that he is left alone in all of this.
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Keeping all these factors in your mind, it would become quite easy for you to decide if you really want to pursue a Ph.D. in the UK or not.


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