Feb 17 2020

Amenities To Consider When Looking For A College Apartment



Amenities To Consider When Looking For A College Apartment


Looking for an apartment is one of the most fundamental tasks you need to take on when moving out for college. You want to be able to find an accommodation that would make your student life as comfortable as possible. At the bare minimum, this means taking into consideration the amenities that would help your adjustment to college life so much easier.


The good news is that when you look around for college apartments today, you'll find that almost every housing option is competing against each other at arm's length. Each option strives for excellence, offering not just the minimum standard of accommodation, but even beyond that.

Before you get overwhelmed with all the options available, read through this list of the basic amenities that you have to consider when looking for a college apartment. That way, you're better guaranteed that your college will be an exciting phase of your life:

1. Big Outdoor Space


When you're living in an apartment, surely, you don't want to feel like you're cramped in a tiny area with no air to breathe, right? On the weekends, you probably would like to have a walk around the apartment complex, have some green space, meditate, exercise, or even have a picnic. Thus, a big outdoor space is a must as, undoubtedly, taking a breather with fresh air can help relax the mind during stressful study hours. Luckily for you, apartments like Sunrise Village Apartments have this same, exact setup, allowing you to refresh your whole being after, say, the finals week.

 2. A Fitness Or Gym Area


Being in college shouldn’t only be about studying. You also need to keep your body healthy to help you deal with your academic requirements more efficiently. One the things you can do so is by exercising regularly. For that reason, it pays to have a gym in the same college apartment building that you stay in. That way, you don't have to go far to exercise.


Another advantage of having a gym within the same college apartment complex is that, in most cases, it’s already paid for as a part of the rent. Hence, if you’re on a budget, you need not shell out more from your allowance or part-time job earnings just so you could afford a gym membership.

 3. Common Lounge Or Receiving Area


The shared lounge or receiving area in college apartments is akin to the living room of a house. This is where apartment residents gather together for socialization purposes. When visitors come in, this is also usually where the residents receive them before going to their apartments.


A shared lounge or receiving area is an excellent place to have in a college apartment. This would enable you to bond and interact with other college students in the apartment complex. This place is also where you can spend your leisure time.

 4. Study Areas And Computer Labs


When the college apartment complex has a built-in study area or computer lab, this works to be another great advantage. This means you no longer have to go to coffee shops or the library just so you can find a spot where you can study efficiently. This setup is also advantageous on your part if you live a bit far away from these places, especially so during the crunch time leading to the finals and you’re busy creating literary essays and doing countless papers. It’s much safer for you to be inside the apartment complex than to go outside the building and walk or commute back home.

 5. Cellular Reception And Internet


When the cellular reception in the college apartment location is very weak, this is a big red flag. Remember that you are highly dependent on your gadgets and smartphones. Apart from using these tools for socialization purposes, research is often done using these gadgets. Also, how can you give regular life updates to your parents and loved ones when both cellular reception and Internet connection are not, in the very least, reliable?


The Internet has become an important need of college students, especially when it comes to complying with and fulfilling their academic requirements. Therefore, an apartment without an Internet connection should be immediately crossed out of your list.




Many years back, when choosing for a student apartment to live in, the size was always the top consideration. But, today, this trend has changed. So many more are concerned about the amenities that the college apartment has.


The bottom line is that you should look for a college apartment that provides convenience, and one that feels like home away from your real home. College life shouldn't have to feel lousy and terrible. It should be comfortable, happy, and relaxed, despite the heavy academic workload that you will inevitably have to go through.