Professor In Radiology And Medical Imaging Combined With Employment As A Specialist-Trained Doctor At Sahlgrenska University Hospital

Göteborg University
April 02, 2024
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Welcome to the Institute of Clinical Sciences! The Institute of Clinical Sciences, along with five other institutes, is part of the Sahlgrenska Academy. Here, research and education focus on human health and quality of life. The Institute of Clinical Sciences is organized into four sections and 16 different subject areas.

The position as a professor is located within the Department of Radiology in the Institute of Clinical Sciences, Sahlgrenska Academy. The Department of Radiology conducts extensive research on diagnostic and interventional radiological techniques, image processing, and image interpretation.

Our research encompasses basic development of new instruments and approaches for medical imaging diagnostics, interventional radiology, and image processing; translational research designed to implement new methods in clinical routine and highly specialized care; clinical trials; epidemiological studies; and the use of validated methods to answer clinical and biological questions.

The work includes all physiological systems and disease processes in both children and adults. It covers a broad spectrum of modalities, clinical subjects, and scientific disciplines, as well as collaborations that include data science and applied mathematics for image analysis and informatics.

The department participates in various educational programs offered by the faculty and conducts several specialist competence courses. The specialist training in the field of radiology is certified according to the European Training Assessment Programme (ETAP).

Subject area

Radiology and Medical Imaging.

Subject area description

The subject area of the professorship is radiology and medical imaging. Radiology includes both diagnostic and interventional radiology, as well as technology and physics for imaging and image processing.


The job responsibilities include conducting research within the subject area at a nationally and internationally competitive level. Furthermore, the appointee must actively seek national and/or international external research funding.

Teaching, course responsibility, and examination in courses at the undergraduate and advanced levels in the field of radiology and medical imaging within the medical program and other educational programs involving the Institute of Clinical Sciences are also part of the duties. This includes developing and coordinating learning objectives, teaching activities, pedagogical methods, examination formats, and assessment criteria in relation to content and purpose.

In addition, mentoring and supervision of students and doctoral students at all educational levels in the field of radiology and medical imaging is included in the job responsibilities. The duties also involve actively promoting the development of academic competence within the subject area at the local and national levels.

The appointee is also expected to perform other tasks normally associated with a professorship, such as academic leadership with administrative duties and holding internal and external positions of trust. The position also involves collaboration with the surrounding community.

Clinical duties will be tailored to the operational needs of the intended appointee's competence and experience, constituting one-third of the appointment. The clinical departments activities follow the European training curriculum for radiology and subspecialization within radiology.


Eligibility for teaching positions is specified in the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance and the appointments procedure of the University of Gothenburg.

Eligible for appointment as a professor is someone who has demonstrated scientific and pedagogical proficiency. Swedish or European medical licensure and specialist competence in radiology are requirements for the position.

The appointment is associated with employment as a specialist-trained doctor in radiology at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, and applicants must therefore hold Swedish medical licensure or European medical licensure, as well as Swedish or European specialist competence in radiology. Foreign qualified applicants will be given a grace period to convert their licensure and specialist certificates. According to the Swedish Higher Education Act 3 chapter 8 §, a combined appointment can only be held by someone who meets the eligibility requirements for both positions.

To obtain Swedish medical licensure, one must have the necessary knowledge of Swedish, Danish, or Norwegian according to the National Board of Health and Welfare. If the applicant does not have the necessary knowledge of Swedish, Danish, or Norwegian must the holder of the position learn Swedish within a 2-year period from the date of employment. Good English proficiency is a requirement to be able to fulfill all tasks in the position.

Assessment criteria

Assessment criteria for teaching positions are specified in the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance and the appointments procedure of the University of Gothenburg. In the assessment, scientific proficiency within the field and pedagogical proficiency will be equally weighted and prioritized first, while clinical proficiency and administrative proficiency will be equally weighted and prioritized second.

In the assessment of scientific proficiency, special emphasis will be placed on the ability to conduct research relevant to the job responsibilities. Special weight will also be given to peer-reviewed publications in international journals. The applicant should have demonstrated proficiency in initiating, planning, leading, and developing research. The ability to obtain research grants competitively is meritorious. Established international networks, as well as participation in national and international collaborative projects, are also considered meritorious.

In the assessment of pedagogical proficiency, special emphasis will be placed on the ability to supervise students at all educational levels and a strong ability to teach and examine at the undergraduate, advanced, and doctoral levels in radiology and medical imaging. Demonstrated pedagogical development work and course responsibilities will also be given importance during the appointment process. The proficiency must be well-documented in a manner that allows for the assessment of the quality of the pedagogical activities.

In the assessment of clinical proficiency, special emphasis will be placed on documented clinical work in the field of radiology and medical imaging, as well as the ability to develop clinical work and implement research in clinical practice. Clinical competence applicable in teaching situations, as well as documented work within the European Society of Radiology or any of its subspecialty associations, is particularly meritorious.

For administrative proficiency, experience in clinical and academic leadership, as well as the ability to collaborate and engage in cooperation, are considered merits. The applicants' personal qualities in being able to collaborate internally and externally to carry out the described tasks will be taken into account in the assessment of suitability for the position.


Permanent employment, fulltime, (100%). First day of employment as agreed.

The holder of the position will be clinically affiliated with the clinical department of radiology at Sahlgrenska University Hospital and the clinical section that is closest to the holder's clinical expertise. Academically, the placement is within the Institute of Clinical Sciences, Section II, Department of Radiology.

Selection process
  • Competence review of the applicant's documents after the closing date
  • Applicants' documents are sent to external experts for assessment
  • The recruitment will be dealt with in The Academic Appointments Board of Sahlgrenska Academy and interviews may be conducted
  • The Academic Appointments Board proposes candidates
  • Assessment and recognition of qualifications in teaching and learning in higher education of the proposed candidate's
  • The recruitment is handled by the Vice-Chancellor for a decision
  • Contact information

    Eva Forssell-Aronsson, head of the division /Professor, 0703-722626, [email protected] Åse Johnsson, Subject Representative/Univ. Lecturer, 0700-825934, [email protected] Isabella Björkman-Burtscher, Professor, 0766-181803, isabella.bjorkman- [email protected]


    Union representatives at the University of Gothenburg can be found here: https: // www.

    Other information

    If the applicant does not have formal university pedagogical training at the University of Gothenburg, the applicant is expected to have completed university pedagogical training or acquired equivalent knowledge within one year of the employment date. The assessment of such university pedagogical merits shall be conducted in a special order in accordance with the decision of the Vice-Chancellor.


    In order to apply for a position at the University of Gothenburg, you have to register an account in our online recruitment system. Applications must follow the layout of the recommendations for the Sahlgrenska Academy for applications for teaching positions.

    It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the application is complete in accordance with the instructions in the job advertisement, and that it is submitted before the deadline. The selection of candidates is made on the basis of the qualifications registered in the application. Please note in particular that the following documents (in swedish or english) must accompany the application:

  • Medical licensure
  • Specialist competence in radiology
  • Doctoral degree
  • A maximum of 10 selected scientific publications that the applicant want to refer to (in full text)
  • Research plan/Research programme
  • Other certificates /proof /rating proving applicant's qualifications
  • Any documents that are not available in electronic format should be sent in three copies to:

    University of Gothenburg The Sahlgrenska Academy Box 400 405 30 Göteborg SWEDEN

    The reference number of the application, PAR 2024/157, should be clearly stated when mailing complementary documents.

    The application is to be written in English.

    Applications must be received by: 2024-04-02.

    In the event of any disagreement between the English and the Swedish versions of any announcement, the Swedish version takes precedence.

    Information for International Applicants

    Choosing a career in a foreign country is a big step. Thus, to give you a general idea of what we and Gothenburg have to offer in terms of benefits and life in general for you and your family/spouse/partner please visit:

    https: // www. https: // www.

    The University works actively to achieve a working environment with equal conditions, and values the qualities that diversity brings to its operations.

    Salaries are set individually at the University.

    In accordance with the National Archives of Sweden's regulations, the University must archive application documents for two years after the appointment is filled. If you request that your documents are returned, they will be returned to you once the two years have passed. Otherwise, they will be destroyed.

    In connection to this recruitment, we have already decided which recruitment channels we should use. We therefore decline further contact with vendors, recruitment and staffing companies.

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