Stiftung Internationaler Karlspreis zu Aachen

Country: Germany
Address:Aachen, Fischmarkt 3, 52062

About Stiftung Internationaler Karlspreis zu Aachen

The International Charlemagne Prize of Aachen is the oldest and most renowned prize awarded for work done in the service of European unification. The laureates of the Charlemagne Prize are a vivid reflection of the history of the unification process. The political founding fathers of a united Europe have all been acknowledged, as have the bearers of hope for enlargement and consolidation of European unity, those responsible for democratic institutions, key players in the reunification of East and West, and European thinkers, doers and sources of inspiration, such as – most recently – Antonió Guterres (2019), Emanuel Macron (2018) or Timothy Garton Ash (2017). (All Charlemagne Prize Laureates can be found here.)

Building upon the intention to promote outstanding work for social progress and mutual understanding, the latest initiative of the foundation - the Charlemagne Prize Academy - aims to connect new ideas and thoughts about future issues on Europe with the current approaches of global decision makers. The main goal will be to consider a wide range of perspectives, to involve different generations and social backgrounds, and to establish a scientific base for popular discourse, by supporting potential and creative thinking - irrespective of political agendas.



Stiftung Internationaler Karlspreis zu Aachen

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Address:Aachen, Fischmarkt 3, 52062
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