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About International Colleges of Islamic Science

The ICIS was founded in London in 1989 as a charitable organisation (Charity Registration No. 802651). It was established with the sole aim of participating and helping in the education of Islamic Sciences and related subjects all over the world through local colleges. The first college was established in London in 1990 and the Face-to-Face teaching started in 1991 with the Islamic Law (Sharia) Programme. In 1998 The ICIS became a  member of the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW), an offspring of ISESCO. The Federation signed an agreement with the ICIS in 2001 to uplift the  educational quality of member universities in the Islamic World.

ICIS has signed several agreements of cooperation and accreditation exchange with many Islamic and Arab universities such as The University of Cairo, Al Mansoura University, Damascus University, Kuwait University, Koufa University, the high institute of Islamic Civilisation in Wahran, Algeria, Salah Aldin University, and finally with Dhi Qar University in Iraq.

In the undergraduate programmes, ICIS delivers two modes of study: face-to-face, and distance learning which will be explained later on. Postgraduate studies (MPhil and PhD) started at the ICIS in the academic year 1995-1996. The adopted method in postgraduate studies is “by research”, a method adopted by most British universities. The research topic is agreed between the supervisor and the student after the approval of the dean of the Postgraduate Department. Throughout the research period student will be required to attend the regular research seminars, and conferences, and also will be required to give a seminar about his research progress to staff and fellow students.

This department is meant to complete the ICIS mission in graduating highly qualified students who are able to create and research in the fields of the Islamic and Human Sciences and in emphasizing the contributions of these students to solve the problems that the contemporary societies face.



International Colleges of Islamic Science

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Address:ICIS 150 DA Coles Green Road, London NW2 7JL, United Kingdom
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