Jun 11 2021

Why Students Should Get Used to Using PDF

Aqib Raja

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Trends keep changing every year. There was a time when it was always compulsory to submit handwritten assignments. Then we came to typed and printed assignments, and now we just have to mail documents to the teacher. Even in the soft copy, you can use a number of document formats. At first, teachers wanted all documents to be in the Doc format of Microsoft. 

Today, they want it in the PDF, and this one is going to stick longer than any other requirement. As a student, you should get to know this format and get comfortable with it as you are going to be using it a lot for the following reasons.

It Protects the Formatting

Documents change their design on different devices. Settings of MS Doc are different in almost every device according to the preference of the user. However, a document that you designed would appear differently to the recipient. This sabotages the complete presentation. This makes your job easy and ensures the teachers get the assignment as you designed. 

It would particularly be a problem if you have used images and graphs in the document. Some important information that should appear in one paragraph could be divided into multiple pages. You won’t have to deal with this problem if you starting using PDF. It keeps the design exactly as its owner created it unless someone specifically alters it.

It Makes You Look Professional

Professionals don’t use any format other than PDF as it’s an unspoken rule among them. They know PDF not only protects the formatting but also the document. You can make the document protected so no one edits it other than you. Although you are still a student, this prepares you for professional life and makes you look professional. You can perform all kinds of operations such as editing, merging, converting, and splitting the document using a tool like Soda PDF that you can access at https://online.sodapdf.com/. It’s a complete suite with everything to offer that you can possibly need with PDF and even add e-signatures if needed. 

It’s Demanded by Teachers

Teachers won’t accept any other format except PDF today. Even if they are lenient, they are most likely to cut your marks for not following the instructions. If they have not given any clear instructions about it, you should still send the papers in PDF because that’s how they are expecting it. Following this practice without any instructions would create a good image of you in their eyes. They would know that you know what you are doing. This also makes the job of the teacher easy. They can open your assignment on any device in the exact format you designed and add their comments to the document.  

It’s Easily Readable on Every Device

Microsoft Office is a heavy Suite that requires an up-to-date computer to run it. Old systems can’t install this program. Even if you somehow manage to install it, the computer will keep freezing and wasting your time and energy. Most mobile phones also don’t have MS Suite installed in them. On the other hand, PDF readers are installed by default on every mobile phone. You can open them on computers without installing any additional software. Even internet browsers can read them. 

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