Aug 23 2019

Why Students Are Buying Cars When Studying Abroad 

Cindy Cumming


The influx of students studying abroad has witnessed exponential growth over the past years. In fact, more than 572,000 foreign students were enrolled in universities in Canada in 2018. The number is expected to increase for the current year following the upward trend in students enrolling in foreign universities. While studying abroad could mean more opportunities, it also presents more challenges to the student, especially in terms of mobility in a foreign country. Thus, students are advised to get a car when they are studying abroad. 

Hassle-Free Mobility

The demands of students studying abroad require them to be in certain locations, which are oftentimes not located within one single block. The mall may be several blocks away from your apartment. It is in the same manner that the university might take 15 minutes of travel time minus the traffic. So, imagine that time and the effort that it would need to ride public transportation just to travel from one place to another. All these issues are immediately addressed when you secure a car in that foreign country. There are different types of cars available, and you could always choose one that would suit your needs.  

Get Familiar With the Area

Foreign students often find the new environment a bit overwhelming. Thus, they would need some time to get used to their surroundings, especially places that they would be frequenting. Aside from the university, students should be able to locate the market, dining areas, leisure areas, as well as the airport or train station. You may have a hard time going to all these places given the limited time that you have. However, after having secured a good car for yourself, you would now be able to explore the city and cover a lot of ground within a short period. 

Fewer Limitations

Since students are oftentimes living alone, they usually do not have a family or relative to rely on in times of emergencies. If there is an emergency, especially health-related ones, having a car around could increase the chances of getting immediate medical attendance. If you do not speak the same local language, then you might find useful the availability of a device that translates a language into 40 other languages. With this in your pocket and a car to drive to bring you to the nearest clinic, you can be assured of quick medical attendance.

Studying abroad is a rewarding experience that would provide you with many benefits. There will always be challenges but you will be able to overcome them with the right attitude and a strong sense of self. Being able to secure a car for yourself at the outset can work to your advantage. Like in everything else, when you come prepared, you will succeed.