Apr 18 2023

What Is An RPL Certification For In Australia?

Antonio Freezo

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Applying for a degree can be an excellent way to achieve your educational or career goals. However, it can take a lot of money, time, and effort. You would not want to waste that on things you’re already familiar with.

Fortunately, some places recognize that a person may already have the skills and knowledge needed for specific qualifications. They just have to provide proof of such learning.

Such is the function of a recognition of prior learning (RPL) certification. If you’re in Australia, you may already have considered applying for one. It’s an excellent way to graduate faster and save money on a degree.

But how does an RPL certification work, and how do you get one?  

If these are the questions you’re asking today, here’s what you need to know.

What Is An RPL Certification? 

An RPL certification in Australia is a document recognizing a person’s prior learning and experience obtained through informal or formal methods. It uses an assessment process that determines an individual’s current knowledge and skills according to learning outcomes used to acquire recognition for a specific competency.   

An RPL is great for individuals with the knowledge and skills to work in their respective industries but need more qualifications to prove their competency.  

Suppose a person manages to hit the required learning outcomes in the assessment. In that case, they will receive a certificate that officially makes them qualified with the skills and know-how they already gain. 

The RPL certificate is recognized by educational institutions, employers, and professional associations as part of the credentialing process.


How Do You Apply For One?

To apply for an RPL certification, look for a licensed training organization. Choose one with a good track record of successfully helping individuals complete the assessment process. You can read client reviews to ensure they provide the necessary qualifications you’re after.  

For a good idea of a proper process, you may want to get certified with an RPL from https://gimbalgroup.com.au/ and other similar options online.


What Are The Objectives Of An RPL? 

An RPL certification is perfect for the following things: 

  • To evaluate how an individual did or didn’t do specific skills in their field

  • To assist professionals who want to start on a learning path in the self-evaluation of their knowledge and skills

  • To make education more accessible to those who want to improve their credentials and qualifications without spending too much time and money on a degree 

  • To promote and encourage lifelong learning

  • To ensure the knowledge and skills are correctly applied instead of wasting them due to the inability to obtain the necessary qualifications

  • To align an individual’s existing competencies through RPL assessment and certification

  • To increase people’s chances of finding work that matches their knowledge and skills 

  • To improve the likelihood of inclusion in the labor force

  • To help employers access proof that skilled workers exist and are available in the business industry

  • To help employers improve the overall productivity within an organization  

These demonstrate the importance of applying for an RPL. Once you have it, you can legally and officially take part in any line of work you have the skills and knowledge for. That can lead to improved career advancement, greater employability, and better access to more training and educational opportunities.


Important Points To Remember 

When you apply for an RPL certification in Australia, there are some things you need to consider to keep the process seamless.  

First, you should know which competency you want to be certified in. After that, review the performance criteria and the documentary evidence you must provide for each unit of competency.  

When gathering the needed evidence, you must ensure it’s sufficient to show you’ve performed the tasks several times. They should be valid, which means they relate to the qualifications you want to get the RPL for.  

The evidence should also be authentic. That means everything you claim as your work is actually yours and not from others. It would be best if they’re also recent. If you performed the tasks ten years ago, you might be unable to use them as evidence for your application.   

Aside from that, you should ensure all the documents you provide are written in English. Otherwise, it would help if you worked with a translator so they may be processed.


Key Takeaways

An RPL certification lets you turn your informal expertise into a dependable qualification for your chosen field. It’s a great way to keep your pool of opportunities as vast as possible, especially now that the global market has changed so much.

If you want to make the most out of your prior knowledge in your industry, then keep the information mentioned above in mind. This way, you’ll know what to expect from the RPL process.


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