Aug 06 2021

Want to Become a Personal Care Assistant? Here's How

Pete Alisher

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Being A Personal Care Assistant Is Professionally And Personally Very Rewarding

Personal care assistants are hired to take care of people who cannot care for themselves. These are professionals who help the elderly, disabled, or mentally challenged people. They provide them with care and companionship. They are hired privately as well as by companies providing the same services. If you like to give care to people then this profession can be very rewarding for you.

Being a personal care assistant, you will have to perform basic duties for the patient like helping them brush their teeth, prepare their meals, accompany them in recreational activities like walks and so on. If you work as a personal care assistant for a doctor then you will not need to have medical knowledge but help the patients in assisting them to perform their recommended exercises. If this sounds like something you would enjoy then you can follow the steps below to become a personal care assistant. 

Formal Education

You will need to have a high school diploma before you start your career in this field. You can then take up entry level aged care courses to get a certification that is specific to this field. Getting formal education in the same field will increase your earning potential and you will be a more preferred choice when it comes to hiring. You can also add more skills by learning how to do CPR. In fact, any health and safety-related skills will only enhance your chances of doing well in this career. 

Select A Work Environment

As a personal assistant, there are a number of different types of places wherein you can find employment. It will be helpful for you to first look into where you prefer to work. The general work atmosphere, the number of clients you need to help out and what type of clients you have will all depend on the place where you are working. If you would like to work with single clients per shift then you can offer to be a home health aid. If you are comfortable with more clients then you can assist in a facility made for a specific group of people. 

Skills You Need To Learn

The very nature of this job can be very intimate and therefore you will need to equip yourself with more soft skills than technical skills. You need to be a reliable person so that your client can depend on you. For this, you need to be focused on their needs as well as always be on time. You need to be able to have conversations with your clients so they can feel comfortable with you. You must be able to follow a good time management schedule as some of your clients may need to be given medication on time, eat on time, and even be taken to doctors for different appointments. 

This profession may require you to travel at times depending on the work environment you chose. However, the most basic duty in this profession is to give care to those who need it and show compassion. If this sounds like you, then you should definitely give this career a serious thought. 

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