May 26 2021

Thinking Of Getting Some More Fun Into Your Life? The Choice Is Broad

Charlott Kabiri

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In the age and day we live in, life can be quite demanding regardless of your age or gender. From work-related pressures to household chores, studies, and social life, a wide range of situations can put a toll on your mind and body. If they don’t end up living in stress or depression, many people end up living sad and lonely life. Thankfully, there are more than just a few ways to spice things up and avoid living a dull life. Without further ado, below are a few ways you can add some more fun into your life.

1. Find a Hobby 

Since time immemorial, humans have relied on hobbies to relieve stress and add fulfillment into their lives. There are a ton of exciting activities you can take up during your free time. It could be artistry, singing, listening to music, or traveling. It’s all about discovering what you are passionate about and creating time for it. The best part is that some hobbies can actually be monetized in addition to the fun and adrenaline rush they provide.

Fishing, for instance, is one such hobby. If you are passionate about fishing and enjoy the outdoors, you could also learn how to become a professional fisherman and build a rewarding career from what started out as a hobby. It is interesting how one huge catch can cover a huge percentage of your annual salary, and you could have several like these in a single year, season, or month. This is because some fish species are extremely valuable, possibly fetching several thousand dollars each pound. Just for ideas, other hobbies you can easily monetize include:

  • Writing
  • Visual artistry
  • Comedy
  • Singing/music creation  
  • Cooking
  • Photography

2. Laugh to Your Heart’s Content 

If you wake up in a bad mood, it's easy to get stuck in a funk the rest of the day, something that's difficult to get out of. Start your day by reading a few funny comics in the newspaper or watching a short YouTube video that makes you laugh. The day is as bright as the morning, as they say. Make yours as enjoyable as possible for a memorable day. You will be glad you did.

3. Dance Like Nobody's Watching 

Dancing is one way to have a good time for no money. It doesn't have to be the professional dances you see on TV or other shows to be considered dancing. It's the freedom, stupidity, and awkwardness of dancing that makes it so enjoyable. Turn up the volume on your favorite 80s tune and dance in your living room. You will feel ridiculous at first, but once you try it, you can testify to how much fun it can be. Make it a routine and see how satisfying it can be.

4. Spice Up Your Morning Routine 

Changing up your morning routine will add a nice splash of variety to your life. Is it customary for you to eat breakfast at the table? Try enjoying your breakfast on the porch while listening to the birds singing. Do you usually begin your day with a workout at the gym? Running sprints on a nature trail or a track will help you get your training outside. If your routine is no longer fun, trying something new can brighten up all the gloom.

5. Go People Watching 

Sure enough, you do get bored watching videos, movies, or TV shows when your eyes are fixed to a screen all day long. Real-life is much more interesting. If you want to increase the amount of fun in your life, pack your lunch and sit on a bench downtown. When you watch the busy city life unfold, remember that you are not alone. This would be more satisfying than watching ten episodes of your favorite television show.

6. Strike Up Random Conversations with Strangers 

Have you ever tried to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger and realized how rewarding it can be? Since you don't know each other, you'll be able to express yourself freely and authentically. It may seem daunting at first, but you will find it to be extremely rewarding in the end. Start a conversation with the woman who serves you coffee, the family in line ahead of you at the supermarket, or a new coworker who seems shy. You'll have a lot more fun talking to strangers than you will with people you already know.

Finally, you can consider doing something stupid once in a while. Go to the park and run around as if no one is watching. Lay flat on your back in a crowded mall, wait for someone to come over and see what's wrong. Explain to them that you are okay and just felt like resting for a minute. This might sound silly but it's quite fulfilling when you try it. The last bit may not be so practical to everyone, but the point is home. you have a few more ways to add fun into your life with the above tips.


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