Feb 28 2022

The A+ Advantages of Joining Collegiate Honor Societies

Alexy Mangal

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There are a lot of reasons why you should consider joining some of the clubs and organizations offered on your college campus. Ultimately, joining an organization of any kind will enrich your college experience.

Did you know, however, that collegiate honor societies offer a particular range of benefits? Whether you're an athlete or a member of your debate team, it's worth adding a collegiate honor society to your list of organizations.

What are the benefits of joining collegiate honor societies? Why are they going to give you a leg up during and after your time as a student?

Read on to learn everything you need to know about the benefits of becoming a member of your college's honor society.

Make Academic Excellence a Priority

In order to become eligible for an honor society, you must meet certain academic standards. For example, in order to join the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, you must maintain at least a 3.4 GPA (out of a 4.0) system, among other qualifications.

College is an exciting time with tons of new opportunities. Even the strongest students can find that they're putting their grades on the back burner from time to time. When you become a member of a collegiate honor society, you are met with accountability and drive to maintain academic excellence.

Gain Access to Scholarships and Grants

Nowadays, financial aid is crucial all throughout college. Scholarships and grants can minimize the number of loans that you'll need to pay for your college education. One of the most compelling reasons to join a collegiate honor society is that you'll gain access to more scholarships and grants.

Keep in mind that the number of scholarships and grants may be limited. Some honor societies give out only a handful each year while others are able to offer financial aid to dozens of students. Find needs-based scholarships as well as scholarships and grants awarded based on academic performance.

Create Motivating and Lasting Friendships

There are a few core tenants that most collegiate honor societies share: academic excellence, community service, and well-rounded achievement. If these tenants are important to you, you'll fit right in when joining a collegiate honor society.

Joining an organization of like-minded peers is a great way to build friendships. These friendships can motivate you to work harder and be your best self. You'll find friends you can study with, connect with, and enjoy life with.

By joining a collegiate honor society, you open up the door to future friendships, as well. Imagine attending a networking event or starting a new job and meeting someone who was part of that same honor society. There's nothing quite like the instant bond between two people who took part in the same organization, even if they were members at different schools or different times.

Build a Network and Find Mentors

Networking is one of the most crucial elements of finding the right career placement for you. Starting early gives you a leg up when it's time to join the workforce in the next few years.

Oftentimes, a collegiate honor society will pair you up with an alum while you're still a college student. This alum will talk to you about your academic concerns, offer career advice, and point you in the right direction when you seek career placement.

Your peers can also be of service when it's time to start looking for a job. Building strong bonds with academically-minded students (who also have mentors of their own) will help you to get in touch with the right people at the right time.

Open Up Work Opportunities

Putting your membership on your resume is a great way to open up work opportunities. Even if you haven't started applying for jobs, you probably know how competitive the workforce is. When you're a member of a large honor society, you're bound to come into contact with other former members--and they may just be your boss someday.

In fact, many honor societies will go above and beyond to help you find career placement. They may give you access to a job board built for alums or put you in touch with alums working in your field. Plus, many honor societies help students to find skill-building internships while they're still in school.

Take Part in Community Service

Philanthropy is at the heart of all collegiate honor societies. While some take a broad and self-guided approach, others may stay focused on a certain area of community service. Think about how you'd like to give back to your community and use this to guide your search for the best collegiate honor societies for you.

Participating in community service isn't just about building up your resume. It can help you to grow in your activism and selflessness while giving you a richer and more fulfilling life. When you make community service a central goal, you grow as a person while helping your community to thrive.

Get the Recognition You Deserve

So many students are making excellent grades throughout college. They deserve recognition for their academic achievements.

Joining an honor society in college shows how much your hard work has paid off. It takes that high GPA and turns it into something beneficial for your current experience and your future. Don't sell yourself short; when you've put in the work to earn an opportunity, you should take it.

Find Out About Collegiate Honor Societies at Your School

Joining clubs and organizations during your college years can round out your experience. Joining collegiate honor societies can help you to continue growing and thriving well into your post-college years.

Looking for more ways to improve your college experience? Wondering what kinds of opportunities are available to you at your school? Take a look around to find out about scholarships, research opportunities, and career advice.

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