Mar 07 2022

Rapid Growth Observed In the Security Industry (And The Reasons Behind It)

Kevin Brown


The growth in the security industry has been observed before the pandemic period. It is indicative of how much people value security for their businesses, properties, and personal safety. The role and scope of responsibilities of private security firms, security services and agencies have evolved over the years and expanded from the standard dispatching of guards to perform night watch and perimeter security check duties. The security industry now covers intellectual property protection, private investigation, and cybersecurity functions, which has helped to firmly establish its position as an essential service in any country’s economy. 

Here we will examine some of the key reasons behind the rapid growth observed in the security industry.

Security Services Are Taking a Proactive Approach

One of the main reasons why the importance of the security industry has grown over the years is due to the change in the security approach from passive to proactive. For one, security guards and personnel have adopted organized and technology-assisted monitoring systems for their assigned tasks. Security specialists from Cutty Protection and Security agree to this observation and emphasize the importance of security guard presence in deterring possible crimes against the guarded establishments. Large establishments can have multiple guards on duty and have different zones that security guards regularly check. Communication between guards has become more sophisticated and efficient, with most guards being equipped with two radios to regularly report any changes or possible threats in their assigned areas. They immediately notify relevant authorities if there are vulnerabilities or breaches in the security of an establishment. Greatly improving the security monitoring capabilities of security guards is their training for operating CCTV systems and monitors. It provides an extra layer of security in preventing thefts, sabotage, and unlawful entry.

Security Services Encompass Customer Service

Security guards are mostly no longer seen in the background in most offices and establishments. They are now at the forefront of employee and customer interactions. Whether they act as sentries for controlling building access or are assigned as part of the front desk personnel, guards take on interactive and protective roles that extend to the customers and visitors of the establishment. Guards can help customers meet office personnel after the visitor has passed the security check, they can also help customers navigate their way to the right offices, help find the right products, and organize queues for a splendid customer experience. Guards can also assist in the safe exit of employees and customers, especially when it is dark outside. They can also man repositories of lost and found items and handle the claims of the owners of the found items.

Covering Cybersecurity

The role of security agencies has expanded to handle cyber threats. With most businesses operating both online and offline, the need for versatility in security services is apparent, and most security agencies have made remarkable adjustments. As companies strive to expand their land-based and online operations, the security threats on these two fronts are also increasing. Thus, the security industry has established an essential connection with the IT industry in preventing online crimes and losses of online resources. Some agencies have integrated IT security services, while others form a partnership with IT firms with IT security specialization to combat cyber threats and address vulnerabilities in the security of online resources of businesses. The online and offline threats of losses in vital company information, funds, and other resources can be mitigated or prevented with this broader set of roles performed by security firms or agencies.

More Efficient Investigation and Crime Prevention Methods

Many security agencies have established an agreement and cooperation with law enforcement agencies in their crime prevention and investigation functions. This way, businesses, and private individuals are assured that swift action will be taken if there are solid ground and strong evidence of a crime during the investigation or while security guards perform their duties. Investigation and private detective services are offered by most security agencies to their clients to augment the investigative progress regarding a crime or suspected illegal activities. Companies hire investigators and private detectives now and then to investigate probable fraudulent activities, industrial espionage, and other unlawful transactions or activities. Private clients also request such services to find missing relatives, locate delinquent debtors, gather proof of marital infidelity, and other requests. The security personnel or agents hired are trained in investigation and crime handling and equipped with modern investigation tools. They also have strong cooperative ties with law enforcement agencies, which help solve or prevent crimes more efficiently.

The need for security services is steadily growing as many industries strive to expand their operations. The versatile functions of security agencies and their personnel are essential assets for various industries as they help perform some essential tasks like customer service and handling business opening and closing. Most importantly, the security agency has played a significant role in keeping the resources and people safe over the years. This industry is foreseen to grow further in the future along with the growth of many economic industries.

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