Mar 23 2021

Java: A Programming Language for R&D Products

Megan Rebstein-Dovey

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Java is one of the most popular programming languages for academic development and many other applications. Although it may not necessarily be the best for R&D applications, it is used widely for educational purposes. Let’s review all the different applications that Java is the most useful. 

What is Java?

Java is a programming language used for many applications, such as cloud computing, video game development, automation, R&D, and big data analytics. Many of the applications we use every day require Java, as it is a universal programming language with extensive libraries designed for specific applications. This also means that advanced tools can be developed with Java.

Java is used by organizations such as NASA, Tesla, Android, Apple Watch, and Fitbit. These organizations use Java for versatility and cloud computing capability on the backend. As technology increases and automation becomes the norm, Java will only continue to expand to various industries and applications in the near future. 

Cloud Computing

Cloud-based application services are widely used in many fields and can be applied nearly anywhere. Java is a universal programming language that you can use across various devices and mobile applications. However, Java is most useful for mobile applications as they often rely on the cloud to operate effectively.

With Java and cloud computing, developers can build various mobile apps for organizations such as the United Nations, Universal Studios, and many other popular brands. An important aspect of cloud computing, called mockup, is a tool that can test applications as they would in real-life scenarios.


NASA uses Java in many applications, such as World Wind, which allows users to look at earth from space. Through the use of Java, NASA can view any location on earth from space. Java provides the cloud computing software needed to accomplish these great feats and done it almost flawlessly with modern technologies.

Various shuttle missions, information technologies, and other software development kits (SDK) give us this opportunity. Many who have mastered Java long to work for NASA and create the code that powers these missions and different types of applications to make space travel possible.

Wearable Technologies

Java code is responsible for the success of many modern-day technologies, such as the smartwatch, such as the Apple Watch, and Fitbit. Furthermore, Java powers many home security devices and thermostats, such as the popular Nest.

These are called the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and all require Java to operate correctly. IoT applications have gotten increasingly popular throughout recent history and continue to grow in popularity as the technology evolves. As IoT devices continue to increase in popularity, this is a lucrative opportunity for many Java engineers to take advantage.

Self-Driving Technology

One of the hottest new technologies surround the tech industry today is the future of self-driving cars. Self-driving cars will include significant safety features and other types of detection that use Java. Java is one of the main coding languages used for self-driving vehicles due to its popularity with cloud-based technology.

It will completely automate these types of cars by sensing other cars' geographical location and location or obstacles nearby. Although Java doesn’t play a role in automation, it builds many back-end applications that make the technology possible, mostly through neural networks and genetic algorithms. 


Telehealth is a burgeoning industry that has only increased during the pandemic. Patients may not want to leave their homes to see a doctor and seek care virtually. These are often done through chatbots, allowing the doctor and patient to foster effective communication. 

Java makes it possible to effectively use these chatbots and ensure that both the doctor and patient can communicate seamlessly. The use of chatbots also far surpasses the world of telehealth, as they can help online business owners, such as e-commerce sites, to interact with their customers effectively and straightforwardly.

Compiling Data

Data is a critical aspect of many industries in the modern era, and technology is helping us compile data faster and more accurately than ever before. Java is popular for various data applications, such as various frameworks like Weka or Rapidminer. For example, mining data is critical in the finance industry due to the vastly changing markets.

The tech industry also realizes the advantages of Java, especially in the social media sector. Java is often used to gather information on various social sites to ensure that nothing breaks their guidelines or causes any threat. In short, big data analysis is a massive industry that will continue to grow as technology evolves.

Movie Production

Movies and other productions have used Java code in their special effects work, such as CGI. Java is often used for these applications due to its stark versatility and ability to adapt as needed. 

Video Game Creation

The latest video game was likely created with backend Java, as Java has powered popular games such as Runescape and most games played on Android devices. Because Java is such a popular and versatile coding language, it allows various developers to enter the industry.

Java supports various graphics packages, such as OpenJFX that works to construct high-definition 3D images. Java has a few libraries specifically created to support game development, making game development relatively easy in Java.

Learning Java

Various resources make it easy to learn Java. Because the use of the coding language is so widespread, there are various free resources available. It is essential to keep in mind that Java may be tricky to learn due to the various applications that use this engine. However, learning Java held you forge a path to a lucrative career in software engineering. 

Final Thoughts

Most importantly, Java is useful in many applications, cloud computing, data science, and R&D development. Many of the applications you interact with daily were likely built using Java. Furthermore, the use of the language is projected to increase in the future. 

Due to various advancements in technology, we expect that Java will become even more widespread in the future, especially through the popularity of automation. Java continues to be a lucrative coding language that can be applied to many industries and further simplify everyday life.

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