Aug 10 2021

How To Keep Your Valuables Safe And Secured

Pete Alisher


Protecting your belongings is one of the most important things you must do. Given that we often carry around several items that we consider valuable and sentimental, and coupled with the fact that most of these items aren't usually cheap, it becomes pretty vital for one to learn how to keep valuables safe and secure. 

Of course, it can be quite the hassle trying to figure out how to keep different types of items safe and secure, but these few tips will help you get started.

General Tips

To protect your belongings, there are some simple things you can do, and some of them include; 

  • Register more expensive items. 
  • Use the built-in security features for your gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers. 
  • Your house number and postcode should be marked on your property with a UV pen. 
  • Obtain contents insurance. 
  • Create a list of all the valuable items you have. 

Make Sure You Register Your Belongings 

There are often opportunities for you to mark and register your items that are costly and valuable. Depending on your location, you can take advantage of this idea and flag items if they get stolen. You can list as many items as you want after you've registered and registration is usually free. 

How To Protect Your Valuables At Home

There are several measures you can take to protect your valuable belongings at home and here are some essential ones you should put into cognizance. You can click here to learn the best ways to protect your valuables, but here are some quick tips to help you get the hang of it. 

Tip #1: 

Whether you're just popping out for a few minutes or you're going to spend more time outside, make sure you lock your doors and windows. 

Tip #2: 

Get in the habit of being conscious of who's lurking around your home. 

Tip #3: 

If you're living in an unsafe area, make sure you move out your valuable items to a safer place.

Tip #4: 

Understand that during the out-of-term time, there's a strong likelihood that someone may burgle university halls of residence and student houses. 

Tip #5: 

Ensure you have a good lock on your door if you reside in shared or student accommodation. 

Carrying Your Belongings Around

While carrying your belongings around, you can protect your belongings by remembering a few things when you're out and about, and here are some of them; 

Tip #1: 

Your fastened-up bag should contain your belongings. 

Tip #2: 

Don't put your wallet or mobile phone in a back pocket. 

Tip #3: 

Make sure you don't flash your cash about. 

Tip #4: 

Only take your wallet out whenever you want to use a cash machine or you need to pay for something. 

Tip #5: 

To prevent getting your bag from getting snatched from you, make sure your bag is around your front with your hand over the fastening.  

Tip #6: 

If you're someone who loves listening to music while on the road, make sure you keep headphone wires hidden beneath your clothes, keep your mobile phone, MP3 player, or iPod in your inside pocket. And, make sure you can listen to what’s going on around you — keep the volume down. 

Your valuables are important, so, make sure you protect and safeguard them by using some of these tips that have been mentioned.

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