Aug 23 2022

How To Keep Your Career Afloat After Workplace Redundancy


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Workplace redundancy is a daunting prospect for employees, and it is more common than you imagine. Management re-structures, budget cuts, and new technology may cause organizations to ask people to leave. Even the best employees may face the situation, so you cannot consider yourself immune. The stress of losing a job unexpectedly can take a toll on your sanity, confidence, and well-being. You may have a tough time coming to terms with the situation. But you can do your bit to bounce back after the crisis and start afresh. Here are some tips to keep your career afloat after workplace redundancy. 

Take time to assess the situation

Losing a job without a valid reason can be traumatic, and it is bound to happen when you are made redundant by your employer. You cannot control the situation, so it is better to let go and start afresh. It gets you in a better mental state to assess the circumstances and plan your next move. Talking to your friends and family helps, though you can consider seeing a therapist if the mental impact seems too stressful to handle. 

Ramp up your skills and qualification

While workplace redundancy may seem like the end, consider it an opportunity for a fresh start. You may set your sights on bigger and better things and even plan for a career switch you have always wanted to do. Enroll in an online course to enhance your skills and qualifications while searching for a new job. It keeps you busy and improves your chances of landing a dream opportunity. 

Demonstrate your value to potential employers

Besides adding new skills, demonstrating your overall value to potential employers is the key to a successful comeback. Remember that redundancy in the workplace does not indicate you are a bad employee. Be confident about the value you offered your ex-employer so that you can make a convincing case for the new one. Rework your resume and cover letter to present yourself as a valuable asset to the organization hiring you. Leverage your experience to set yourself apart.

Be honest about the employment gap

The most daunting challenge after redundancy relates to explaining employment gaps. But the best way to address them is by being honest about your job history. Your recruiter will understand because workplace redundancy is a reality every professional knows about and accepts. Concealing facts may be an option, but it makes a bad impression if the recruiter sees through. It is better to be honest because your interviewer will probably appreciate it. 

Prevent redundancy in the future

Although you cannot predict the unexpected, you can prevent redundancy in the future by staying alert. Follow updates about the impending organizational developments and changes that could lead to staffing shuffles ahead. Pay attention to your annual reviews to check the weak areas and improve them. Take the professional development opportunities your employer offers as it makes you a valued employee. 

Being made redundant at your workplace is painful, but it is not the end of the road. In fact, you can start afresh from here and rebuild your career for the better

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