Oct 10 2022

How to Find Clients as a Doula

Aqib Raja

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While the entire childbirth experience can be life-changing, this remarkable period also comes with uncertainty and tribulation. Expectant mothers need proper support and guidance to make their birthing journey memorable and positive.


Aside from medical professionals, moms-to-be can enlist the help of a trained Doula to provide them with the necessary non-medical assistance. If you're currently starting in this dynamic field or struggling to get clients, here are a few tips on how you can efficiently market yourself and attract more clients.


Reach out to your inner social circle


One of the most effective and simplest ways to gain more Doula clients is by asking your loved ones to promote your services across their social networks. Inform your family and friends as they may know someone within their social connections who may need your assistance. Constantly promoting yourself to your most trusted loved ones can also help you become more confident and allows you to refine your sales pitch.


Market yourself on social media


To establish a name for yourself in this dynamic field, it is essential that you have a strong social media presence. Ensure that all your social media platforms are updated, and your handles are easily searchable and reflect your brand. Potential clients will be more comfortable hiring your services if they can efficiently screen your online profile and check your credentials.


Start a blog


Start a blog and write articles about pregnancy, how to become a doula, childbirth, and parenting. Share your daily posts to your social media accounts and use hashtags to increase your chances of reaching your target audience. If you're a member of online parenting groups, see if you can share your articles or blog posts but make sure to comply with the group's posting regulations. If promotional content is prohibited, you can still establish yourself as an expert by participating in the group discussions and answering questions within your scope of expertise. Engaging in community conversations can also encourage curious members to click on your profile and check your services.   


Participate in networking events


To increase your client base, you must actively search for networking events you can participate in. Check if there's a Doula or parenting event in your area. If budget permits, consider attending Doula international and local conferences. You can also organize a local Doula meetup in your neighborhood, or visit baby expos and other related events tailored for pregnant mothers.


Speak in birth classes


Reach out to your local hospital or birthing providers and ask if to be a guest speaker in their birth classes. Instead of discussing what a Doula does and the benefits of hiring one, choose an interesting topic that will resonate well with your audience. Avoid using technical terms, and be mindful of how you market yourself. No matter how skilled you are, if you're unable to connect efficiently with your potential clients, all your marketing efforts will become futile.


Being a Doula can be a rewarding profession. Make sure to follow these tips so you can gain more clients and grow your birthing business.

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