Jun 20 2021

How Has Landscaping Changed Over The Years And What's Popular Now

Pete Alisher


One of the main reasons why the search for country houses is on the rise is because of the beautiful outdoor experience you get to enjoy. Landscaping involves accentuating the notable features of an existing piece of land. If you have planted flowers at different corners of your house to make it more beautiful, you’ve carried out landscaping. 

It has always been a part of architectural designs since the Roman era and has taken on different approaches which makes it stand the test of time. From connecting with nature to planting roses and victory gardens, landscaping has long been an exceptional practice. Keep reading to find out how landscaping has evolved over the years and which aspect of landscaping has taken prominence now.

1. Planting of Flowers

Landscaping did not begin with the planting of flowers during the 1920s, it started with green shrubs and trees. Nowadays, people have embraced flowers such as roses and they really change the outlook of your landscape. It gives a beautiful appeal and adds life to empty spaces. 

You should consider planting more flowers as it further brings out more pronounced distinct aesthetics of your property when used. It can also be hung in boxes out on the porch, around the mailbox, and garden. 

2. Hiring a Commercial Landscaper

In the past, it had always been the family’s task to beautify no matter how busy they were. They just had to create time for it so the kids can have fun in the yard. 

Nowadays, you could outsource that responsibility because even though landscaping beautifies your environment, it can take a lot of work. You could reach out to these commercial landscapers in Richmond VA to help you complement your property and avoid a dull yard design. Hiring commercial landscapers will save you the stress of transforming your yard from scratch. 

You probably would just need to give them an idea of what you want and leave the rest for them. They also provide useful advice for maintaining an outstanding landscape.

3. Including A Walkway

The walkway designs weren't always there if the landscape wasn’t outsourced. When there is rain and the kids come out to play, they end up carrying their soiled shoes into the house. Adding walkways to your landscape can be a way to show off your garden and landscape. 

It draws more attention to your garden, provides your guests a place to pass through while admiring your garden, and shows them where to pass too. Including a walkway also prevents people from walking on the grasses or all over your lawns.

Addition of Lighting

As you well know, the kind of lighting we have now wasn't available before. Landscape lighting can change the outlook of your landscape by bringing out its distinctive qualities when the sun goes down. As opposed to torches or lantern lamps, it helps people notice how beautiful your yard is. 

When you add lighting to your garden or landscape, you can use them to host dinners or gatherings. This will further be an avenue for people to notice your outstanding landscape. 


These are notable changes that have become popular in landscaping. If you’re looking to redesign your yard, you can adopt these practices to improve your landscape and draw more attention to your home’s aesthetics. 

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