Apr 06 2022

How Can Personal Injury Lawyers Get Greater Traction In 2022

Jame Hanson


As the world is getting back into order from chaos, the number of people travelling and resuming business is increasing too. As you may have noticed, the work of legal experts, especially in the personal injury niche, has skyrocketed in the last two years. We are expecting to see a greater surge this year due to the volume of wrongful death and medical negligence-based lawsuits being filed from the time of the pandemic. As healthcare and the labor workforce come back in full swing, don’t you wish to leverage this demand with your legal expertise?


Mentioned below are tips that can help you sail the tides of success as a personal injury lawyer in 2022. Here’s what you can do in order to improve your visibility in the legal market.


  • Upgrade your knowledge base: Sometimes, we can unknowingly reach a ceiling when it comes to our knowledge about particular subjects in the legal profession. However, take this opportunity as an invitation to dive deeper within your areas of interest and explore adjoining modalities so that you can serve the people better while having a fulfilling career. Additionally, exposure to multiple types of personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits can help in refining your portfolio. You could expand your area of service to explore cases with complex turns so that your expertise covers interlinking issues. These are especially important if you have been practicing in one state but wish to gain experience in state laws with different legislations. Offer to observe such cases or help with the case-building process.


  • Enhance your content strategy: Today, your online presence dictates your influence. Hence, even the most successful to beginner-level personal injury lawyer has a virtual presence. Creating a website and social media account is not just to be a silent witness, it is meant to be used. One of the best ways to attract the attention of local and distant clients is by publishing compelling content that can convince them of your expertise. Publish your case studies, blogs, articles, and thought-leadership observations on your portal to gain more domain authority.


  • Build influential networks: Sometimes, cases and lawsuits may arrive at your desk through the reference of an acquaintance. This is why the importance of networking online and offline is at the forefront of 2022. You can join professional portals for lawyers or just business-oriented individuals and build connections from there. Also, attending online and offline seminars can help you gain useful contacts. Not only do these events help you stay updated but they also introduce you to highly experienced professionals that whom you can learn a great deal!


  • Discuss case studies on vlogs: If your physical reach is limited, take to the internet. You have the option to publish video clips called vlogs that document your take on certain laws and amendments. These can revolve around simple issues, for instance, legal advice for injury victims and wrongful death starting from the basics. Your target audience here becomes the civilian population actively seeking resources online, as well as legal students and apprentices. The civilians may contact you once they watch a video, which makes an excellent conversion strategy.


  • Offer free knowledge: If you want to win today's consumptive population over by using the power of legal knowledge, offer them free content. We’re not asking you to solicit legal advice for free, but to release snippets that can help them reach out to you. You could take your teachings online, write about them in legal journals, or even host seminars for those affected.


  • Try podcasts: Today, one of the most preferred mediums of information consumption is podcasts. People may not always be able to read, or simply may not be interested in doing so. However, with podcasts, your voice and the subjects you cover can offer them a more cerebral experience.


  • Volunteer or discounted services: If you can afford to, take up a few cases at discounted value or free of cost for people who lack funds. Not only does this improve your goodwill, leading to an enhanced reputation and business, but also can show you more unique cases that can improve your knowledge.

Wrapping Up:

The rise of personal injury lawyers in 2022 is no surprise, but the reach is presently limited to large firms handling such cases. We hope that our blog makes you one of these success stories that can witness substantial improvement in the number of lawsuits being managed and won. By focusing on the aspects mentioned above, you will be able to improve your reach, breaking the biggest limitation of independent lawyers. Here’s wishing you the best in your professional endeavors!



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