Dec 01 2022

Gift Ideas to Motivate Your College-Going Kid

Imala Green


Keeping your college-going kid engaged and motivated in their academic career can be challenging for parents. While some students don’t need much external motivation to give their best, some might need it just to kick-start the journey to perform better. Nevertheless, it’s always better to treat your children with some gifts to shower your love while giving them a reason to walk on the right path. But, the question is what to choose and how? 


If buying a gift for a college student seems daunting, check out these four gift ideas that might help. 


#1 New Backpack


Your kid’s backpack is likely to go through some wear and tear as they spend the entire year taking on their back-to-back classes. You can consider buying a new backpack for next semester. This could be the perfect gift for them if they are about to resume their physical classes after the trend of online learning during the pandemic. They must have told you their favorite brand or the type of bag they prefer, so consider those factors when shopping for a backpack. Besides, you can consider adding accessories inside the bag, such as a notepad and a pen.


#2 Certificate Holders 


If you have a studious child who loves participating in different events and competitions, they must have a dozen of awards and certificates to keep. You can give them a certificate folders or multiple covers that they can use to keep their documents and important certificates safe and secure. You can even get these certificate holders customized as per your taste and preference. They can use these holders and place them near their workstations to stay motivated while studying. 


#3 Job Hunting Kit


Your child may be in their final year of graduation and soon be hunting for internships and different job profiles. Thus, give them an extra leg up by providing the things they might need when going for interviews. These things include a nice resume paper, a portfolio, a document holder, and a nice pen. Your child will appreciate this gesture and will feel encouraged to prepare better for their upcoming exams and interviews. 


#4 Give Them a Laptop


In today’s educational space, nothing could be more helpful and productive than a laptop for a student. Your child must be enrolled in a college or university where carrying a laptop is vital for e-learning. From registering for different classes, to accessing notes and exams, to communicating with other students and professors, a laptop has all the necessary tools and resources that a student might need in their college life. 


Final Thoughts


College-going students can find it hard to maintain a balance between their study schedules and personal life. It can further impact their motivation to perform better and explore their potential. Treating them with small gestures of encouragement can boost their morale and help them succeed in their academic career.


Other than the above-mentioned gift ideas, you can consider other options depending on what your child likes. You can even ask them if they need anything which might be useful for their college life. 

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