Sep 29 2022

Countries That Require Certified Translation for Student Applications


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In 2019 before the pandemic struck, there were more than 6 million international students in the world. That went down during the height of the pandemic but with things going back to normal, the number of international students is bound to increase again. If you are thinking about studying abroad, remember that you may need to have your documents translated. That’s when you need certified translation services. 

This article will discuss countries that require translation for student applicants and also some other topics that can help you as an international student applying in other countries. 

Being an International Student

Being an international student can really pay off but that’s for the long run. As a student, you may have to sacrifice a lot of things before you reap the fruits of all your efforts. As a foreigner studying in another country, you get to learn a lot of things. Some of those are not the lessons that are taught in a classroom.

Some of the things that international students learn when they are studying include:

      • Self-sufficiency
      • Independence
      • Language skills
      • Adaptability
      • Self-motivation

International students have demonstrated time and again that they need to be self-sufficient and independent to survive living in another country. Students who study in a country with a language different from theirs are also compelled to learn a new language. Not doing so can make their stay at school even more difficult than usual. Most international students also learn how to adapt well to their new environment.

International Student Application

Right now, the United States is still the number one destination for international students, followed by Great Britain, China, and then Canada.  There are a lot of reasons why people decide to become international students in these countries. For some, it can be an adventure. For others, it is the opportunity to study in a world-class institution that compels them. There are also those who see it as a chance to find better economic opportunities.

To which category do you belong?

It doesn’t really matter what your goals are, the process will still be the same if you want to study in another country. Here is the simplified process that you need to follow if you want to become an international student:

        • Research your school options
        • Secure the funds for your study abroad
        • Apply to the school you have chosen
        • Apply for a visa
        • Prepare for the departure

Your journey really begins with identifying the program and the school that you want to go to. During the application process, this is when you may have to get your documents translated. It’s best to get certified translation services for this.

What is Considered a Certified Translation?  

According to Ofer Tirosh, the founder of Tomedes, a certified translation company, and a language solutions provider, “Certified translation is a type of translation that is guaranteed through a certification. The certification is basically an assurance that the translation is true and accurate.” It is usually done for translating documents that are used for official transactions, which in this case is the application into a foreign school like birth certificates and transcript of records.

The question now is which countries require student applicants to have certified translation of their documents? 

Countries That Require Certified Translation 

The truth is that most if not all countries will require the documents of student applicants that are not written in their official languages to be translated. The difference lies in what kind of translation they will require.

Here are four countries that require that type of translation in one form or another.

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, certified translation means that the translator will provide a certification giving assurance about the quality of his or her work. The certificate will have the name of the translator, the date, credentials, and contact details. That’s the kind of certification that is required by most British schools and government agencies.



In Germany, they have what are known as “sworn translators” that are appointed by the courts. The qualifications are different in each state but these translators typically are required to pass exams. 



Today, Canadian schools are very popular with foreigners. In Canada, the title “certified translator” is protected and these professionals usually belong to provincial groups that regulate them.  One can get a certified translation from them or get it through the alternative system which is to have a sworn affidavit from the translator that was signed in the presence of a notary public. Visit Languex.co if you require fast, accurate, and affordable translation services.



The universities in China are becoming increasingly competitive. Chinese schools may require any official school document to be translated. Even in cases when a specific document is not listed as a requirement, it can be a good idea to have it translated too.


These are just some of the countries that require certified translation in one form or another from student applicants. It would all depend on your choice of school and of course, the country to study in. 


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