May 13 2022

Beyond Student Visa- How To Unlock Italian Education With Investor Visa

Imala Green


If you are an aspiring international student, the choice of your education destination matters a lot. Ideally, you should look for a country that offers a quality education at an affordable cost. Factors like the cost of living and ease of immigration also determine the best place to pursue your academic dream. 

Italy is among the most popular global education destinations because it wins on all these fronts. Students may even look beyond the student visa option and explore the Italian investor visa unlocking education benefits and staying in Italy for the long haul. You can check the complete guide on mbersanilaw.com to learn the nitty-gritty of this immigration route. Let us explain how you can leverage it for education and beyond.

Ensure financial readiness

Since the investor visa's eligibility hinges on investment, financial readiness is the key. A student's parents must have the capacity to invest a massive sum in Italy. Luckily, there are several options, and one can choose according to their ability. These include startup investment (€250,000), funding an established business (€500,000), a philanthropic donation (€1 million), and a purchase of government bonds (€2 million). The other members of the family can also immigrate without additional investment. 

Access education benefits as a resident 

Italy is renowned as one of the best countries for university education in the EU. The country has several state universities that offer quality education and a broad range of courses at a low cost to citizens, residents, and foreigners living in the country. Once you get an investor visa and residence permit, you get access to the education benefits in the country just as any other resident. 

Live and work in Italy

An investor visa lets you live and work in Italy, so life gets a lot more comfortable by moving to Italy. Your family can join and start afresh in this incredible country. You get excellent career prospects to pursue a job in Italy after completing your degree. Moreover, you need not worry about obtaining a work permit to stay back after finishing college. You can even travel visa-free in the neighboring EU countries to explore job prospects.

Stay for good as a citizen

An investor visa is an excellent option for international students looking to stay in Italy for the long haul. It is the first step toward obtaining one of the most powerful passports with Italian citizenship. You must be in the country for a decade and hold your investment to qualify for citizenship by naturalization. Once you get citizenship, the benefits multiply, and you can stay here for good. Moreover, you can pass on the right to your children and the next generations. 

As an international student planning to study in Italy, you should definitely consider the investor visa instead of the conventional student visa route. The best way to do it is by consulting an immigration expert to help you with the process. They can guide you about the investment options, documentation, the process, and citizenship eligibility in the long run. 

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