Nov 11 2022

7 Winning Strategies to Help You Get Elected in the Student Council

Alessia Fulache


Running for a position on the student council is a great opportunity for any student. When you’re part of the student government, it will show in your student record and might just set your college application and resume apart from others. Additionally, gaining a position in your school’s student council allows you to be more involved with your school and your peers. You can help make decisions and improvements that will benefit your fellow students, whether as a class representative or student council president. But before you can do that, you have to win the popular vote.

If you’re considering running for your school’s student council, you’ll need to dedicate some time and effort to your campaign. You must also come up with a solid campaign platform and ways to promote it so that you can convince other students to vote for you. 

From distributing custom lanyards with your name and slogan to crafting a winning speech, here are seven winning strategies that will help you get elected in your school’s student council.

Be Clear About Your Reason for Running

Before you start campaigning, you need to understand your main reason for running for the student government. Do you have a broad purpose like promoting a sense of unity in your class, or do you have something specific in mind, like bringing more arts-related clubs to your school? Perhaps, there are some problems in school you want to help resolve. Whatever the case may be, take some time to think about why you’re running. This purpose will help you create a solid campaign platform.

If you have several reasons why you’re running, this is good too. List them all down and pick the one that’s most important to you so you can focus on that during your campaign.

Network with Your Peers

It’s also a good idea to network with your peers so that you can find out what kind of leader your voters want. Their responses can give you ideas for your campaign speech, and the connections you make will bring you closer to your voters.  

Start conversations with fellow students about the school and the upcoming elections whenever possible. You can do this while waiting for class to start or during your lunch break. Even a simple question like what improvements they want in the school can help you find out their concerns and connect with the voters. 

Create a Campaign Slogan

Another winning strategy to help get you elected is to create a memorable campaign slogan. Later on, you’ll put this slogan on your campaign posters and other promotional materials. To come up with your slogan, you can create a rhyme or alliteration based on the name of the position you’re running for. You can also include a short statement about your campaign platform. 

While you want your campaign slogan to be creative and memorable, you also don’t want it to be offensive or come off as a joke. That’s why you need to carefully think your campaign slogan through.

Focus on Your Campaign Platform

When you’re campaigning, be sure to focus on your campaign platform. This is the main reason you’re running and it typically includes the changes you want to make for the sake of the school and the student body. Although you want to get elected, be careful about making promises you can’t keep as it might hurt your political career. Instead, stick to your platform and let it speak to your voters.

Design Campaign Posters That Will Make an Impact

Putting up campaign posters is vital if you want to win. But the posters must also capture your voters’ attention. Typically, striking visuals, bold colors, and clear fonts are eye-catching qualities you can include on your posters. Also, be sure your name, campaign slogan, and the position you’re running for are visible on every poster. 

Distribute Promotional Items

Aside from putting up posters, distribute flyers and other promotional items to spread awareness of your campaign. It will also help remind people of you once the election starts. You can start by handing out custom lanyards, buttons, and keychains with your name and slogan to students in your class or your club. Then, ask your friends help to distribute these items across campus so you can reach more people.

Craft a Winning Speech

Typically, student council candidates present a speech to rally support before election day. In the speech, introduce yourself, your platform, and the changes you’d like to implement once elected. While you may feel nervous about this, you can gain more confidence by preparing for it.

At least a week before you deliver your speech, start writing it. This will give you ample time to get feedback from teachers and parents and then make improvements from there. Then, start practicing the final piece in front of the mirror or with family and friends. It will help you be more confident to stand in front of an audience.

Whether you’re running for class president or representative, a position in the student council provides a valuable opportunity to help fellow students. It also adds to the list of achievements on your student record. If you want to be elected, check out these winning strategies. They will ensure that you’re ready once election day comes.

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