Apr 30 2022

7 Jobs You Can Be Great at With or Without a Degree


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Many people still believe that you can only get a job if you’ve gone to college and have a degree, but that’s not the case anymore in today’s business world. Even though some companies have it as a requirement, a degree isn’t necessary for a lot of professions if you look hard enough. Food transportation may be an example.


Some of the most successful entrepreneurs and business owners in the world never finished college, but they still found a way to grow, prosper, and succeed. This is your chance to prove yourself and show the world what you’re capable of. A degree shouldn’t hold you back from reaching your full potential. Read on to learn about 7 jobs that you can go for and excel at with a degree or without one. 

1-Commercial Pilot

You can train to be a commercial pilot if you love soaring through the skies and handle some of the best aircraft models available. Being a pilot isn’t too difficult and it doesn’t require a college background. You just need to go through specific steps to earn your license and legally fly as a certified commercial pilot. You need to go through extensive training and have at least 250 to 300 hours of flight time. Most people can go to flight schools to learn or they can find a freelance flight instructor to train them. Both are equally beneficial but in some countries, getting an instructor would be better for you. If you study all there is to know about aviation and manage to pass the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) exam, then you can become a certified pilot and your chances of success are the same whether you have a degree or not.

2-SEO Consultant 

Another interesting job you can go for is an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consultant. Being a specialist in the digital world and how SEO works don’t necessarily need you to have a higher learning background. You just need to learn how the system works and how to draw in more traffic to make Google raise your rank.
Advice from Mathew Woodward at
https://www.matthewwoodward.co.uk/seo/consultant/ suggests that creating intelligent SEO strategies and helping companies attract more positive traffic can solve their problems with ranking in the search engine lists. You can learn to do this by checking the analysis and algorithm data available to you online. If you find a way to make Google give a platform more authority, then you can be a successful consultant. Just remember that you don’t really need a degree to become successful at this job.

3-Executive Assistant

An executive assistant is a fruitful job that can mean a lot to your career. You will be helping some of the most powerful business owners and entrepreneurs in the world. Your job is to manage numerous tasks for your boss. You must make sure that you make their life easier and that their days run smoothly. Don’t think that it’s all about getting them their favorite cup of coffee because it’s much broader than that. 

You will coordinate their meetings, set their calendar correctly, remind them of important events, tell them the names of everyone they’re about to meet to ensure that they don’t forget, prepare research and analysis reports, supervise over other staff members to make sure tasks are getting done, and even schedule their travel arrangements. This job can equally make you successful with or without a college background.  

4-Sales Representative

You need to have the talent and not just a higher learning background because sales representatives are all about convincing people to buy something. It could be anything from cars, furniture, cleaning products, or even soft drinks. Your job is to persuade people with your sales pitch and charm, making them buy whatever it is you’re offering because they want to. Sales jobs aren’t for everybody and you might learn the basics in college, but you can’t learn the art of reeling people in with your words to seal the deal.


A firefighter has an important job that saves lives. Accidents happen and fires can start instantly. Having a specialized firefighter to get people safely out of burning buildings and put out the fires is an admirable job to go for. You need courage, quick thinking, and proper training to deal with the pressure of being in a burning building. This job can make you a hero, whether you have a diploma or not. You just need a lot of experience and training until you’re ready to become a fireman.

6-Police Officer

Another heroic job that you can go for is applying to become a police officer. You get to patrol the streets and keep people safe from various criminals. Over time, you can take the detective’s exam and you could advance in the ranks to solve several criminal cases. 

There might be quite a bit of paperwork and reports to prepare, but it’s an exciting job that never has a dull moment. Just remember to take care of yourself and be careful with your surroundings on the job. 

7-Makeup Artist

This is an artistic job because you get to work on applying makeup on people for a living. It pays well and you can work your way up the ranks depending on your skills. You can start doing makeup for theater performers, actors, and even blockbuster movie stars. You just need training, patience, and a talent for making people look good. You can make a name for yourself in this career with or without a diploma.

Some of the most high-paying jobs in the world can be a great place for you to grow and it doesn’t matter if you have a degree or not. Your success is based on your talents, knowledge of the field, experience, and adaptability. Some jobs don’t need a degree because all they need is your people skills, integrity, motivation, and the willingness to do your best. Even though having a history in college with proper credentials isn’t a bad thing, the possibilities for success are equally the same if you don’t have it. Hopefully, some of the jobs listed here can interest you on your journey to build a prosperous and happy career path

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