Feb 02 2023

5 Steps to Becoming Labor and Delivery Nurse 

Gabe Nelson

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Nursing is one of the fastest-growing fields in healthcare and in the professional job market. Nurses are highly sought after for their education and work experience. Labor and delivery nurses are some of the most sought-after professionals in their field. 

Labor and delivery nurses monitor the patient's vitals, administer medication, assist the OBGYN and other doctors, as well as offering support and care for the expecting mother. These nurses help bring new life into the world safely and efficiently. Labor and delivery nurse average  salary is around $67,000 per year.  It's worth mentioning that there are other nurse specialties with bigger salaries. They are crucial members of the delivery room and make a huge impact on the newborn and the parent's lives. 


Becoming a labor and delivery nurse can seem like a daunting task. From studying hard through nursing school to passing the NCLEX-RN, it can be difficult to know where to start on the road to pursuing a career in the delivery room. 


Luckily, there are some simple and effective tips and tricks to follow on your journey to becoming a labor and delivery nurse! 

Complete your BSN 

The first and most important step of becoming a labor and delivery nurse is completing your BSN or Bachelor of Science in Nursing. This is an undergraduate degree that encompasses many facets of health care and specifically nursing practices. 


To enter a BSN program, you must have a high school diploma or GED, apply to an undergraduate university that offers a BSN program, and apply to be in the BSN program within the university to begin your educational journey. 


Completing a BSN is not an easy task. You must be motivated, studious, and persevere until you reach the finish line. Making sure to pay attention in classes and labs, as well as do all your schoolwork, is paramount to succeeding in your program and receiving your degree. 


Once you have passed all your undergraduate classes, you will be able to graduate and receive your Bachelor of Science of Nursing degree! With this degree, you can move on in your professional journey to becoming a labor and delivery nurse! 

Pass the NCLEX-RN

After working hard and receiving your BSN, the next step is passing an even more challenging exam. The NCLEX-RN is the exam that determines if you will receive your license to practice as a Registered Nurse or RN. 


This exam is crucial to pursuing a career as a labor and delivery nurse. If you do not pass, you will not receive your license. Because this is such an important exam, it is absolutely necessary for you to adequately prepare yourself for it. 


Make sure you begin preparing early in advance and put a lot of time and effort into studying and reviewing the necessary material. Take all of the studying methods you learned back in your BSN program and put them to good use to study for the NCLEX-RN. Using all your tools and tricks to studying will be worth all the time and effort when you pass your exam and take the next step to become a labor and delivery nurse! 


Gain work experience

Just because you got your BSN and passed your NCLEX-RN does not mean you are ready to take on the delivery room. Even the valedictorian of your graduating class needs lots and lots of real workforce experience before they can handle the real deal. 


Putting yourself in the right work environment to get some experience is one of the most important steps to pursuing your nursing goals. Employers are desperate for more hard-working and eager nurses. Just about every hospital and clinic are ready to hire a new nurse. These organizations will take you right after you pass your NCLEX-RN and will provide you with the necessary training to join their workplace. 


Being in a real work environment will give you the necessary experience to learn the swing of things. Spend a lot of time with older and more seasoned nurses and physicians. Being around people who really know their field will help you learn more about the real work behind the scenes and help you pick up some useful tips and tricks! 


Getting some solid work experience under your belt will open your eyes to the world of nursing and help you find your way on your journey to becoming a labor and delivery nurse!


Once you have a better feel for the real hands-on work, it’s time to get a better look at the specifics of being a labor and delivery nurse. Most nurses spend quite a bit of time trying out different specialties to see what they like. This necessary learning time will help you find your way to the delivery room. 


If you want to become a professional labor and delivery nurse, you have to put all your time and effort into the specialty. There are a few simple ways to accomplish this goal. 


First, look for a hospital that has special facilities for labor and delivery. Apply for a job working in the delivery department. Once you place yourself in the right department, you will be able to get more experience in the specialty you want to pursue. 


After landing a job working in the delivery room, you have to sit tight and do the dirty work to learn the ropes of the field. Other nurses and physicians will help you learn all the tips and tricks to working with mothers and safely delivering babies. 


Now that you have finally landed your dream job, put in the hours and be the best nurse you can be to continue pursuing your career as a labor and delivery nurse! 

Go further 

Now that you have your BSN, have passed the NCLEX-RN exam, gained some work experience, and specialized in the delivery room, you may be wondering what else you can do to continue in your career as a labor and delivery nurse. 


Going back to school and pursuing further education will greatly benefit you in your career. You’re never too good at learning something new. Consider going further in your proper education and getting a Master's degree that relates to nursing. 

Learning more about the field of nursing and equipping yourself with more knowledge for your career is the perfect way to become the best labor and delivery nurse you can be! 


Strive for greatness 

After all the hard work, sweat, and tears, you have finally succeeded in pursuing your dream job as a labor and delivery nurse. Now that you are properly in the field, all that is left to do is put your heart and soul into your work and continue being a wonderful labor and delivery nurse! 

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