Apr 30 2021

5 Essential Tips for Being a Successful Realtor

Aqib Raja

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Standing out from the competition is sometimes (even often) complicated, especially in an industry like real estate. And when you decide to do your research for tips and tricks, you can sometimes get lost in the mass of information that is teeming with the web. Look no further, and we have gathered for you the 5 tips to apply that will make you a successful real estate agent.

 1. Listen 

What could be more unpleasant than feeling like you're just a number? Everyone has already experienced this situation. However, making the "client" feel unique is very important, even essential, in all sectors of activity, and even more so for real estate agents. Indeed, the clients you deal with entrust you with their project, that of finding them an apartment or a house.

You need to come across as someone they can trust, and they need to feel fully understood.

So take the time to listen to your clients in order to best understand their needs and expectations.

 2. Prospect again and again

 This point is indeed an integral part of your business as a real estate agent. There is no escaping it. You have to prospect.

The best advice would be to multiply the forms of prospecting without ever being limited to just one. Why?

By applying this method, you will simply multiply the number of targets reached. Some people are very active on social networks (then create paid publications on Facebook, for example), while others carefully read the advertisements they receive in their mailboxes like flyers. 

Others prefer human contact and will therefore be more seduced by a short visit during your door-to-door tour.

3. Take care of customer follow-up

 Customer follow-up is effective if it is regular.

Creating a newsletter is an effective way to give regular news about your agency. There is a lot of online software (like Canva, Mailchimp, and many others) that can simplify your life by creating a basic structure to which you can add or remove elements depending on the information you want to provide.

Be careful not to be too intrusive and omnipresent; otherwise, you will create overdoses for your customers.

4. Join real estate franchise system

In real estate, as in other sectors, franchising offers many advantages to project leaders. The first of them is to offer them a turnkey concept. Indeed, wanting to be an entrepreneur is good, but you still have to have a business idea. With the franchise, there is no need to think about the communication plan, the visual identity, the sales methods, the layout of the point of sale; everything has already been thought out by the franchisor.

Opening a RE/MAX INTEGRA franchise, therefore, has many advantages. By opting for franchising, project leaders benefit from the notoriety of the network they choose, from tailor-made training, assistance, tools...in the end, all these services save time and money

 5. Use social networks

 Social networks represent a significant opportunity for you and your real estate agent business. They are indeed a huge showcase for your business. Social media is a fundamental part of the marketing strategy of businesses today. The more your real estate agency will be visible, the more your activity will benefit from positive repercussions.

You have hundreds of real estate photos in stock. Using Pinterest could then be very interesting for you. Indeed, it is a social platform where millions of pictures circulate, each more beautiful than the next. Classified by categories and themes, you will be able to give visibility to your properties. The benefits in terms of the image will be the same on Instagram, where your photographs will quickly find fans.

Obviously, running these networks takes time, but your efforts will quickly pay off.


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