Researchers develop machine learning algorithm to diagnose deep vein thrombosis

September 17, 2021

30-50% of people who develop a DVT can go on to have long-term symptoms and disability.Researchers at Oxford University, Imperial College and the University of Sheffield collaborated with the tech company ThinkSono (which is led by Fouad Al-Noor and Sven Mischkewitz), to train a machine learning AI algorithm (AutoDVT) to distinguish patients who had DVT from those without DVT.The AI algorithm accurately diagnosed DVT when compared to the gold standard ultrasound scan, and the team worked out that using the algorithm could potentially save health services $150 per examination.The research team hope that the combination of the AutoDVT tool, with the inclusion of the AI algorithm, will allow non-specialist healthcare professionals, like GPs and nurses, to quickly diagnose and treat DVT.The results from the study are published in the journal Digital Medicine.

The source of this news is from University of Oxford