Expert Comment: AI demand is booming for the right skills and for the technology ‘glue-guys’

October 09, 2023

This came from a deep dive into the demand and supply of AI skills over the period 2015-2022 using global job-ad data along with profile-level skills of the existing workforce. While, globally, AI jobs grew nine times for Tech-AI jobs and 11.3 times for Broad-AI ones while IT sector jobs rose 3.7 times and the number of total jobs advertised grew 2.7 times. New tech-hubs have been formed in the US, with the states of Texas and Virginia rising to the top spots for AI demand and surpassing New York and Washington. As more tasks are gradually automated, the intersection of technology understanding along with the soft skills, necessary to make them thrive, are very thin on the ground. We examined key skills, including Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing and computer vision, along with tens of other AI specific skills.

The source of this news is from University of Oxford