(The Field Of Energy) Call For Unit Leaders (Principal Investigators, Pis)

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April 30, 2024
Offerd Salary:Salary Annual salary system will be adapted.
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Contract Type:Limited
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28 Mar 2024

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Fukushima Institute for Research, Education and Innovation

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Leading Researcher (R4)

Established Researcher (R3)



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30 Apr 2024 - 23:59 (UTC)

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Not Applicable

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See description

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Not funded by an EU programme

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Offer Description

Background of the recruitment and description of the project Background of the recruitment and description of the project The Institute invites applications for unit leaders (PIs) to carry out the following research and development projects in the field of energy: 〇 Research Policy We will conduct research and development regarding generation, storage, transport, and use of energy, with the primary focus on renewable energy, with the aim of making Fukushima a pioneering carbon-neutral region in Japan. We will also address risk assessment, laws and regulations, and the establishment of technological standards to implement our research and development results in society. We will research the use of hydrogen, ammonia, etc. for energy, carbon dioxide capture using algae and plants, and utilization of CO2 as an energy source using synthetic fuels, etc. We will demonstrate that it is possible to achieve carbon neutrality and even negative emissions by making use of renewable energy as a base source and deploy the results to contribute to achieving a sustainable society.

Please visit the F-REI web page for more details on the following items. 〇 Examples of research topics 〇 Priority research areas 〇 About core facilities

〇 About the development of research infrastructure We plan to develop research infrastructure for the unit's activities by renting laboratories. We expect that the budget for the procurement of the research equipment etc. to be used by the unit will be approximately 100 million yen. 〇 Labor expenses A unit will consist of several researchers. We expect that the budget for labor expenses to be used by one unit will be approximately 100 million yen. 〇 About research expenses We expect that the budget for the research expenses per unit will be approximately 100 million yen per year (including labor expenses for postdoctoral fellows and other personnel with limited contract period). The structure of units will be determined later. https: // www. f-rei.go.jp/english/recruitment/callforPIenergy.html

Work content and job description Implementation of research and development, human resource development, and industrialization regarding the areas specified in "募集の背景、プロジェクトの説明" above

Assigned department Existing departments

Work location Address 979-1521 Fukushima Namie-town, Futaba-county F-REI Headquarters (Namie-town, Futaba-county, Fukushima, Japan) and the locations designated by the Institute Research shall be conducted in rental lab or other space, since F-REI's own facility is not constructed yet.

Number of hired Number of hired:1 person(s) Number of hired description:the number of hired can be increased Hiring date:2024-09-01 00:00:00 Job content supplemental explanation:As soon as possible before or around September 1, 2024 If the candidate would like to postpone the date of employment, consultation is required.

Requirements Additional Information


Compensation Annual salary:10 million yen Wages description:(1) Salary Annual salary system will be adapted. provided that if it is difficult to apply this system, salary may be determined by comprehensive consideration of the applicant's ability and experience, as well as the complexity, difficulty, and level of responsibility of the duties.

(2) Allowances Other allowances will be paid in accordance with the rule of F-REI. Working hours:08:30-17:00 Break time:12:15-13:00 Holidays :Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays of Japan, and year-end and new year holidays (from December 29 to January 3 in the following year) Overtime and other explanations:The employee may be ordered to do work outside the stated working hours as necessary (e.g. for human resource development, industrialization, and work related to communicate information about research results). The employee may work using the flexible working hours system and the discretionary work system. Deemed working hours: 8 hours and 15 minutes a day (in case of working on the discretionary work system). Employment type:Regular employee Contract period:Tenured-Tenure-track Contract period description:Either of the following will apply: - For the tenure, the term of the contract will be indefinite following a one-year trial period; - For the tenure track, the term of the contract will be five years. You may be appointed to a tenure position after tenure assessment or your term of the contract may be extended. In the tenure assessment, not only research results but also social impact and other factors will be considered. For extention of the term of the contract, PI's ability, performance and other circumstances will be considered. Probationary period:Probationary period present Probationary period description:We have a one-year trial period for the tenure, while there is no trial period for the tenure track.

Various systems

Insurance Employees' Health Insurance:Applicable Employees' Pension Insurance:Applicable Worker's accident insurance:Applicable Employment insurance:Applicable

Measures for preventing passive smoking at the workplace F-REI Headquarters: Smoking is forbidden on the premises. Areas designated by the Institute (excluding F-REI Headquarters): The rules for the facility where the working location is situated apply.

Supplementary explanation of compensation

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Fukushima Institute for Research, Education and Innovation






Where to apply


https: // jrecin.jst.go.jp/seek/SeekJorDetail?fn=0&ln=1&id=D124030379&lnjor=1





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