Jul 18 2020

Work and Travel USA Programme in 2021 - but Covid-19 Must be Mastered!

Konstancja Mazur

Career advice

Are you a student but not a US citizen? Would you like to visit the USA and gain professional experience there? If so, then take advantage of the brilliant Work & Travel USA programme for the next holidays 2021! The programme is only available to students, if you're studying then you have the opportunity to live like a resident in the American community for 4-5 months. This is a very good opportunity to gain experience and a few new points in your Resume. In addition, you have an amazing opportunity to experience incredible adventures in a country where there is so much to see. Work & Travel is not only about work and sightseeing, it is an opportunity to experience the true American culture and mentality, it will be a valuable lesson in positive thinking. It is a lesson of English at work, while shopping or travelling.

Work & Travel is an opportunity to meet interesting people, a chance to make friends from around the world. Perhaps everyone would like to visit such places as Florida, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Seattle or Rocky Mountains. Read the opinions of people who have participated in this programme. Discover that it is really worth going to the USA at least once and explore this country from the inside out.

Adam, who has benefited from the Work and Travel programme, currently lives and works in Sydney, Australia. Adam comes from the Central Europe, he says he gained valuable experience in the USA and improved his English. Adam adds that staying and working in the USA had a great influence on the fact that he quickly got a job in Australia. The extra few lines in his resume made employers in Australia treat his application favourably.  

Would you like to work without any obstacles in an English-speaking country such as Canada, Austria, Great Britain. Are you studying and your profession is on the list of those deficient? 

Read the details of the offer and do not hesitate. The offer is available in many countries, check if students from your country can participate in the programme. How can you do that? Enter the title of this article in your web browser and do not hesitate to join the thousands of satisfied students who still remember their adventure with Work and Travel.

Are you studying and your profession is on the list of those deficient? 

Use Work and Travel to expand your horizons. Check how a good Resume should look like on www.coolfreecv.com website. With this programme, just like Adam, you will gain new experience, which you will include in your Resume. Not only in your Resume, but also in your cover letter you will be able to describe in 2-3 sentences your journey and work in the USA as on the www.coolfreecv.com/how-to-write-a-cover-letter website. Your future employer will probably appreciate that there are no obstacles and borders that you cannot overcome to develop professionally. People who are brave and enterprising are always a better choice for an employer than an average person who only knows the world from a TV.