Sep 15 2020

Why a Career in SEO Might Be Perfect for You and How to Decide If It Is



When choosing a career, each person has their own criteria that they need to consider before they can make up their mind. Relevance is one of the essential factors that people like to keep in mind when thinking about new jobs. Like most people, you probably want a career that is relevant to the world of today to ensure that your experience and talents will stay in high-demand. 

If there is one field that is dominating the global market in today’s world, it's definitely digital marketing and specifically Search Engine Optimization. All businesses, regardless of their industry, need the help of Search Engine Optimizers (SEOs) to help them be seen and eventually succeed. Whether you are a fresh graduate or considering a career shift, you should consider SEO. To help you make this tough decision, below, we will discuss why a career in SEO might be perfect for you. Furthermore, we will explain how you can decide if it actually is. Let's get started:

What Do SEOs Do?

Before we start building the case, you need to have an idea about the job of Search Engine Optimizers. SEOs use search engine metrics and analytical tools to improve the ranking of their company’s website on the search engine result pages. That's their job in a nutshell. However, with the constant algorithm updates that search engines release every month, an SEO job is far from easy or predictable. Nonetheless, as we mentioned earlier, it's still worth it, here’s why:

It’s Never Boring

If you think about it, almost all jobs at some point can become repetitive and boring. However, working as an SEO, there’s a much smaller chance for this ever to happen. SEOs don’t have a strict framework on how to tackle different issues that they face while on the job. They follow a case by case approach. Besides, there is always something to do. Maintaining the high-performance of a website is a never-ending task, which is guaranteed to keep your hands full day in and day out. If you thrive on conquering challenges and like to see instant results of your efforts, SEO is the career for you. 

Puts Your Analytical Skills To Good Use

Being overly-analytical can be self-destructive in your personal life. However, in an SEO career, it's a well-appreciated skill. Working in SEO is all about analyzing words and configuring data to use them to drive traffic for your company’s website. Talented SEOs don’t have a textbook that teaches them about Facebook video format efficiency in customer engagement. Instead, they use their analytical skills to decipher their audience behavior. They know how to ask the right questions to dig up such valuable information. If you have always struggled to find the space for your analytical mind to run wild, then there’s a good chance you will enjoy working as an SEO. 

It Needs No Special Qualification

To become a successful SEO, you don’t need any special qualifications or certificates. It’s an accessible field that anyone with enough interest has the chance to make it big in this field. The ideas and tricks you pick while practicing SEO will be more than enough to enable you to do the job well. It’s more about learning from the field pioneers than having an IT or web designing degree. Sure those might come in handy, but they're not a prerequisite. SEO is a perfect field for people who don’t particularly enjoy working in their field of studies or aren’t open to the idea of going back to school. If you can relate to any of the two groups, you should seriously think about a career in SEO. 

You Care About Career Development

When you work in SEO, you will have a lot of opportunities and directions to grow your career. There are many relevant areas that you can explore whenever you decide you are ready to take your SEO career further. Influencer marketing, coding, and content marketing are all branches that you will have access to when you work as an SEO. An interest in becoming an expert in a number of digital marketing fields is a good reason to look into working in SEO.

You Are Social Media Buff

Your passion for everything social media can take you far in an SEO career. SEO will give you the chance to take a tour in the back kitchen of social media. It will be your perfect match if you have had enough as an observer and want to become one of the official players. 


This is the best time to pursue a career in SEO. As per the market prediction, the field is set to grow even further over the next decade, so don't take too long before you make up your mind. If the above aspects seem like something you want in your dream job and would keep you fulfilled, then you know what to do. Update your resume and reach out to hiring companies to start creating some SEO magic.