Mar 08 2023

Who can apply for a Polish passport?

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A Polish passport as an international travel document opens access to more than 180 countries and, by saying that, we mean that citizens of Poland can travel with no long queues at the airport or many formalities to meet while crossing the borders. To have it seems very beneficial. If you are wondering now whether you can apply for a passport in Poland, you need to know what conditions an individual has to fulfill first. You will find out down below!


A Polish passport application – Whom does it concern?

The Polish legal regulations (especially the Act on Polish citizenship) clearly specify the ways of acquiring citizenship in Poland. To put it simply, as a rule an individual obtains it by the right of blood. This principle we just mentioned only applies to a child born to fully-fledged citizen. At least one parent has to be Polish. The right of blood concerns a child found on the territory of Poland whose parents are unknown.

The law also provides a few more ways, such as:

  • Citizenship by descent – this case assumes that a foreigner has Polish origin but still does not have his state confirmed. It is required to prove roots and check whether the citizenship of Poland was not lost.
  • Citizenship by naturalization – also well known as the Grant of Polish citizenship, which means an individual does not have to be Polish but it would be great if he could demonstrate strong connections with Poland (e.g. proficiency in Polish).
  • Citizenship by adoption – only concerns children under 16.

We mentioned it on purpose! As you may probably know, the passport application in Poland only applies to its citizens. So, you cannot apply for it as long as you are not recognized as Polish. How do you know whether you are eligible for Polish citizenship? There are a few steps to take first and that’s what we would like to focus on.

How can a foreigner get a Polish passport?

As you are here, you probably would like to know more about the passport application. We completely understand your point. It is good to have Polish citizenship and a passport because it automatically makes you a European citizen with all the rights and duties. Check on FiveToEurope.com what benefits a passport gives. 

In the past, we have encountered some situations in which a foreigner was interested in taking part in the whole process. If you have at least one Polish ancestor, your task is to confirm the roots and, based on that, lodge a motion at the Voivodeship Office. It might be needed to conduct research across archives to find any crucial documentation, such as old vital records. 

What to do if you do not have Polish origin? In such a case, the only thing that matters is your connections with Poland. If you live here, run a business, support culture, or speak our native language, good for you. You are ready to apply for citizenship by naturalization.

Once you receive a positive decision, there is nothing more left to do but get a passport. As a Polish citizen, that is the next step you should take.

Where to apply for a Polish passport?

The moment you obtain Polish citizenship, you can apply for a passport in the Polish Consulate General or Polish Embassy with the consular section. The fact is you must appear in person because the new travel documents are biometric. That means you need to leave your fingerprints and pay a fee at the chosen institution or via a bank transfer.

To make the process as smooth as possible, please prepare the following documents in advance:

  • Polish Citizenship Confirmation,
  • Polish birth certificate,
  • Polish marriage certificate (if applicable),
  • passport photo.

Once you have the Polish passport issued, it is valid for ten years!

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