May 27 2022

What is a common living

Liubov Kior

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First time in New York? Looking for a place where you can comfortably settle down? New York is a popular city for people to move into, so you are not alone with this problem. If you ever tried to find an apartment for yourself, then you know how hard it is to find the right option. You won't know for sure whether you will get along with the landlord or a roommate. And you can only ponder whether the neighborhood location will be suitable for you. Or, you can choose a common living NYC. Let’s discuss why coliving is the best choice.

A common living - is a place that you share with your roommates. You can have your personal space and just share a kitchen, bathroom or living room with other people. Or, you can live with your roommates. The choice is yours. There are plenty of options for those who look for a shelter for a couple of days or several months. 

What are the financial benefits of buying into a coliving community?

You should remember that purchasing a house in coliving means that you will share facilities with other people. It costs a bit more than the cheapest house. But for this price you will get the amenities that come with a larger and luxurious home. There are also additional privileges when living in community:

  • Child care – a coliving is beneficial for childcare. Parents can look after other kids or chip in to hire a nanny.
  • Senior care – seniors living in the community have people around to help them to deal with chores. If there are several seniors, you can hire one caregiver for everyone instead of paying for one person. All this can ease the senior’s living without having to pay for an expensive assisted-living community 
  • Food sharing – to reduce waste, people often share their meals with each other. This will help to avoid spending too much money on groceries. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average family spends more than 30% of its after-tax income on housing expenses. This includes rent or mortgage payments, utilities, maintenance, and furnishing. For single people, it is even bigger- more than 40% of after-tax income. As with married couples that have lower expenses per person, the common living community saves your money.

For whom is it suitable to live in a coliving community?

Definitely, it is not for everyone. It is complicated for some people to go to meetings or be involved in taking care of common areas. Also, not everybody is so social to see your neighbors every day and share a common dining room. But having this strong kind of network will help you to save money and make new friends. If you are interested in common living, take a look at this website. There is information on how you can choose and apply for your common housing. You can read reviews from real residents and find an answer to any question about coliving. 

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