Oct 08 2020

What Courses You Can Enroll If You Want An Academic Job



Working in academia can be very rewarding. It is the dream of many people to become a teacher or a lecturer, and this page will hope to tell you which courses may be best suited to you should you wish to become a lecturer or teacher, and how you can go about achieving your dream. Throughout the world, we are in desperate need of teachers and lecturers. Becoming a teacher or lecturer can be very rewarding and can allow you to influence an entire generation.

This page will tell you which courses you should enroll in should you wish to pursue a career in academia. It is important to mention, however, that the courses you decide to enroll in should be based around the field of education you hope to teach in. There are, of course, many different fields of education – enrolling in a course that teaches you English literature will be pointless if you wish to pursue a career as a teacher in geography. Keep that in mind.

Here are the courses you should enroll in should you wish to pursue an academic job or a career as a teacher or learning assistant in a school, college, or university.

How to Enrol

During these turbulent times, universities and colleges have been forced into closure as a consequence of the SARS-CoV-19 virus. Because of this, should you wish to take a course, you may be best applying for online courses, rather than for physical, traditional courses. Doing your courses digitally is the best way to still undertake education without risking your life or the life of your family and friends. Enrolling in a digital course is quite simple and can be done by virtually anybody from anywhere – and unlike more traditional courses, the entry guidelines are reduced so you will not have to have formal qualifications from the previous educational studies.


In today’s world, unlike half a century ago, to become a lecturer or a teacher, a post-graduate degree is an absolute necessity. As is, in many places, a Ph.D. in the field of which you are hoping to teach, bachelor’s (2.1 or above), and a master’s degree. For most forms of academia, a separate qualification in teaching and training is not necessary, although you can take one and it may see you looked upon more favorably by the educational body from whom you seek employment.

Academic Careers

There are three types of careers you can pursue in traditional academia. Those are research, administration, and teaching. It depends entirely on the institution with whom you seek employment with which they prioritize. You should do adequate research into the institution you hope to be employed by and see which they prioritize, whether teaching or research. In the United Kingdom, Russell Group universities prioritize research and post-1992 universities prioritize teaching. During your Ph.D. studies, you may be offered the opportunity to teach students in your department who are taking lesser courses. Even if it appears to be a distraction from your studies, it is well worth taking the opportunity to teach people so that you can hone your skills and become a better teacher. Additionally, without experience, you may find it difficult to find work in academia post-university.


Once you have completed your Ph.D., you may find it difficult to get a permanent job right away. You may have to take up a series of temporary positions, such as a learning assistant or work as a substitute teacher. You may have to commute quite far, work on a part-time basis, or be paid by the hour. However, while it may seem difficult and strenuous, it will contribute to your CV and will aid you in securing employment later down the line. 


You may find employment through word of mouth, or through recommendations by members of your Ph.D. class, or by your Ph.D. supervisor. Employment can come immediately or can take a while to materialize. By working temporary positions and building a varied and diverse portfolio, you will be better equipped to apply for permanent positions when they do arise. You must not feel hopeless if permanent positions do not appear immediately – especially during these troubling global times wherein jobs are being lost on a daily basis. Stay determined and work towards your dream, and as you do so, things will begin to fall into place for you.

Now, with the help of this page, you know everything you need to know about pursuing a career in academia, and how to enroll in courses. As was stressed previously: enroll in a course that meets the field with which you hope to teach. Persevere, be confident, and be hopeful.