Feb 02 2023

What Are The Best Languages To Learn In The Academe?


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Many English speakers believe that since English is a universal language, learning another one is unnecessary. However, this may not always be the case because learning a new language can be advantageous for different reasons.  


For instance, when you visit a country where English is not the native tongue, learning the language can help you communicate with the locals. Being able to read and understand their literature will also allow you to gain more insight into their culture.  



There are a lot of languages to learn in the academe, so picking the ideal one might be a challenge. If you still need to decide, the following is a list of languages to learn and why they are useful.   


1. Japanese   

Learning Japanese is a great experience. It's one of the many foreign languages that has many advantages. Aside from providing the learners with a better grasp of Japan's history and culture, it also provides them with more opportunities to work abroad.   


However, learning Japanese can be challenging for beginners because, like any other language, it has its easy and hard aspects. But since the grammar is fairly simple, you will quickly adapt. You can take Japanese language education classes to learn faster and more efficiently.   


2. Chinese   

One of the most widely used languages in the world is Chinese. The benefits you'll gain from learning this language outweigh its simplicity as the primary reason to do so.   

Speaking Chinese fluently allows for easier travel to China, provides access to its incredible culture, and creates a wealth of career opportunities.  


There are so many excellent resources available for learning Chinese. You may learn this language by reading books, taking online classes, watching vlogs and video tutorials, and using a language-learning mobile application. Nothing would prevent anyone from studying it!   


3. Korean   

Korean is the 18th most spoken language in the world. The importance of the Korean language has increased along with Korea's political and cultural influence on other nations.   

In addition to some of the most well-known performers, Korea is home to some of the largest corporations in the world. As a result, a basic grasp of the language will surely be useful, particularly for individuals looking to advance their careers or seek employment opportunities in Korea.  


Learning Korean is a lot easier than Chinese. This is because the Korean alphabet, Hangul, is quite simple to master. It only contains 24 letters, which you can memorize in a matter of hours. Because of the simple strokes, writing Hangul is also easy to learn.  


Aside from the benefits mentioned, studying Korean is the way to go if you want to get more out of your K-pop and K-drama fascination.   


4. Spanish   

The Spanish language, along with French, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian languages, descended from Vulgar Latin. Aside from Spain's delicious food, fascinating culture, and long history, there are other good reasons why visiting the country and learning the language is a must.  


Spain is also one of the top places to study abroad. It can give you access to new opportunities, improve your quality of life, and pave the way for career advancement.   


Learning Spanish is fairly easy because the grammar is simpler and more consistent. If you need private Spanish lessons, you can find many resources online to help you learn the language. Your ability to speak Spanish will also improve by watching Spanish shows on your favorite streaming platforms.    


5. French   

Of the languages outlined here, French is the most popular foreign language to study. Beyond the unique beauty of French food, history, traditions, culture, arts, and literature, the language is also interesting to learn because of how it's spoken.   


In addition to boosting your cognitive abilities, French is a good choice if you want to learn a language useful for landing good job positions in the business world.  


There are several options for learning French. You may purchase a French-English dictionary to become acquainted with vocabulary and pronunciation. If you can't find one in the library, you can conduct online research from the comfort of your home.  


6. Arabic   

People rarely pick Arabic as their second language of choice. However, Arabic is currently an important language to study. It's crucial for participating in numerous global events and understanding international policies. Learning the language also introduces you to Islam, the world's second-biggest religion, and helps you better comprehend Arab culture.   


You may learn Arabic by purchasing an Arabic phrasebook and memorizing simple words and phrases with flashcards. You may also look for a competent Arabic tutor.   


Final Thoughts   

Learning a new language makes you more open-minded and allows you to interact with individuals from various counties. Just keep in mind that the best language to learn is the one you want to learn the most. That's what will keep you studying and practicing no matter how difficult the going gets.

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