Jan 26 2023

Ways to Be a Better Employer

Drew Allen

Career advice

The world of work has changed dramatically over the last several years. Everything was pretty much business as usual when the global pandemic arrived. In the flash of an instant, a wave of sweeping changes came surging into the business environment. Some sectors of the economy, like travel and hospitality, ground to a sudden halt and millions of employees suffered the consequences. Remote work, once disallowed or frowned upon, became a requirement as social isolating was deemed necessary. The overall job market cratered, leaving people in fear for their livelihood.


Finally, after what seemed like an interminable time, the pandemic lifted, and everyone expected things to go back to normal again. This was not the case. The cataclysmic changes wrought by the pandemic triggered aftershocks that continued to shake every industry. Supply chain disruptions caused turmoil in factories and product shortages developed. Soaring inflation reared its head after decades of relatively stable pricing. Perhaps most importantly, workers who had faced the fear of losing their jobs signaled their displeasure with employers and bad bosses by participating in the Great Resignation. Employee shortages developed and companies quickly learned they would have to be far better employers if they wanted to fully staff their business. If you want to join them and become the boss that your employees need you to be, here’s what you need to do.


Demonstrate That You Care About Your Employees

For far too many years, most companies have been helmed by senior level management that ignored the warning signs of hostile work environments, focused on profits, stockholders, and self-gain rather than their employees. Bosses often governed autocratically and showed little to no concern for the people under their command. During the pandemic, workers got to spend a lot of time in self-reflection and decided that they deserved to be treated with respect, caring and dignity.  Employers that will succeed in this new environment must show that they truly care about each person. Being understanding and helpful when someone is going through something in their life is vitally important. We all want companies and bosses to care about us as human beings, and not treat us as mere disposable parts in an economic machine.

Help Your Employees Get Higher Education

One of the best ways that you can demonstrate that you really care about an employee’s future is to fully support them in getting their college degree. With a degree, a person can advance in life and move higher in the company ranks. By making sure that workers can get a college education, you’ll be demonstrating that the future of each person matters to you and your firm. To be able to get their degree, you will need to offer your support. You can offer flexible schedules so students can do their work and attend classes. Another great way the company can show its support is to help finance part of the college degree program. You can encourage your workers to take out student loans with cosigner, where the company functions as the cosigner on the individual loans. 


Be Understanding When It Comes to Family Issues

Your team members are not merely faceless parts in a functioning, industrial machine. They are those with very real lives and things going on that may be far more important than work. If you get to know your team as people, you’ll create an open line of communications that everyone will appreciate. If a person has a family crisis, such as attending to a sick child, be considerate and respond by asking yourself what is for the greatest good. Instead of insisting that the employee be there for every shift, work out a schedule that lets them tend to their family matters and take care of those that they love.


Offer a Comprehensive Benefits Program

Another way to show that your company cares about well-being is to offer a comprehensive benefits program. Far too often companies work to minimize benefits, shortchanging employers by providing minimal health insurance coverage, little personal time off and no retirement plans. If you offer generous paid time off, you’ll help retain your existing team and attract quality candidates in the future. Providing great health insurance coverage will help assure your team that the well-being of each person and their families is a top priority. A good retirement plan can also help secure your employees’ futures.


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