Mar 16 2020

Understanding Employer's Expectations From Employees

Joevren Curmi


Understanding Employer's Expectations From Employees

The modern-day workplace is an evolved environment. Employers are more perceptive. It's no longer about graduating top of your class or having a long résumé with dozens of references.

Companies are looking for self-starters and innovative thinkers who find joy and passion in what they do. Read on as we explore the distinctive features that the modern employer seeks in an employee.


Nobody likes to hire a parasite. A requirement that is becoming popular in companies today is ownership of a car, for example. “Independence is highly desirable because it proves you can be resourceful and you won't drain company resources,” says Martha from VacancyCentre recruitment agency. Today's employee must be able to act on their own volition and they should be assertive to some degree, especially if eventual promotion is the motive.

Good Vibes

The killjoy is the bane of the modern employer. One bad potato spoils the rest, and if you always seem depressed, it might rub off on others. When morale is high, productivity is high, so it's important that staff always stays content. Keep your head up high, wear a smile on your face and everybody wins.


Arrogance is a stumbling block in countless careers. Employers in 2020 want employees that are keen to absorb, to soak in knowledge like it's the only thing keeping them alive. How else can one grow in a company than by learning a thing or two along the way? Humility is key in a landscape that’s governed by constant change and disruptive technology. 

Pioneer Tendencies

The mechanical, cold, calculating employee is a thing of the past. Companies are looking for people that have a clear vision; people who can think outside the box, challenge norms and embrace development. You must be a pioneer, able to march into new territory and take on obstacles like a prospector.

Go for Gung-Ho

Responsiveness is an invaluable quality.  When given tasks that go beyond the scope of your job description, you should be able to tackle them head-on with fervor and without complaining or doubting yourself. Personnel that requires spoon-feeding is a burden to companies. 

You want to make sure that you are driven and require no one to push you to work, otherwise you're a liability. Don't be fussy about tasks that you’re given. Employers hate it when workers are particular about which assignments or projects they’re given. Take it all as it comes, as your ability to enjoy anything you do will give the impression that you're a natural leader who is capable of making management one day.


Can your manager delegate important tasks to you? Your employer should never feel like you’re note reliable enough to get things done.  Instead, your boss should count on you to pull your weight and deliver results that are expected of you. 

Eye on the Prize

Your main priority should be to flawlessly execute whatever tasks you have on your plate. What you set out to do must be done, one way or another. The modern employee cares about what goes on the scoreboard, they want good numbers and they want good reviews. They are ambitious and have an insatiable appetite for successful outcomes.


How do you respond to sudden and unexpected changes? Do you panic and go into fight-or-flight mode or do you adjust yourself, maintaining professionalism and a peaceful demeanor? Mutability will determine how far your career goes. In a world that is constantly changing, this is a trait continues to gain relevance in the market. 

Possessed by the Team Spirit

How well you gel with colleagues is a good indication of how valuable you are to a company. If you have any feuds, hold grudges or have a history of hostility with a colleague, chances are you will suffer the consequences. Quarrelsome leaders are far from desirable so it’s better to strive for collaboration and teamwork in all that you do. 

Get out There!

That's it! That's all it takes for employees to go from strength to strength in the cutthroat corporate world. These are the main qualities that employers are looking for recruiting and it’s the key to ensuring longevity in your field.