May 17 2021

Top Platforms Where You Can Get Quality Knowledge In 2021

Charlott Kabiri

PhD Sharing

The pandemic has been a problem for almost everyone but the one thing we can’t deny is that it has also given us more time to do other things. The work from home setup as well as the lockdown restrictions have basically given us more time to work on our skills and discover new lessons as well.

Whether you are a teacher or a business owner,  you need to take a close look at online course platforms. These platforms can help you create courses that will help you engage with your students or customers better. There are so many platforms to choose from too.

If you want to find the best platform to use, you need to look from the perspective of your students or customers. Understand what they want to see from these platforms. Moreover, you should understand what kind of features are going to benefit their learning as well.

Engaging with your students or customers using these platforms will help you create a better learning experience amid these trying times. So far, these are the top platforms to get quality knowledge from this 2021.


We can’t talk about the best online course platforms without talking about Thinkific. If you want to create a good learning experience for 2021 these courses and page builders like Thinkific are some of the best options available. This is because the platform offers excellent student engagement features which include course compliance and content dripping.

The platform also comes with a free plan. In fact, it’s one of the few platforms that offer these. It can help you get a feel of the overall teaching experience you can have with Thinkific. Most users of the platform comment that it’s a powerful course and page builder as well.


If you want to kickstart a course with a beautiful front-end website that features your brand and logo, the platform that comes to mind is Kajabi. The platform offers amazing customization tools for its pages and this is an intuitive tool to boot.

There are many features that make Kajabi an excellent online course maker. However, one of its standout features is its course delivery customization options. This basically lets you fully customize how students view your course. Such openness in design is required to help students or customers become more engaged in learning.


LearnWorlds is an up-and-coming platform in the online learning industry. Despite being new, the platform is already one of the best platforms out there. It’s also dubbed as an interactive platform because it has amazing features such as an Interactive Video Player, an Interactive e-Book Reader, Questionnaire Quizzes, and many others.

Since it’s a relatively new platform, the price of LearnWorlds isn’t as high as more established platforms out there. It’s perfect if you are a teacher or a business owner on a budget. Don’t let the inexperience fool you, LearnWorlds is definitely a platform that can help you create engaging content.


Another amazing teaching platform is Teachable. For the longest time, it’s the platform that rivals Thinkific. One of the reasons it’s the main competitor of Thinkific is that both platforms share a few distinct features but all in all, they are still different in their own ways as well.

Many users of Teachable would attest to the fact that Teachable caters to students more than it does to the customers of business owners. On the other hand, Thinkific caters more to the business owners. However, both platforms are still versatile in their own right so they can do what the other specializes in as well.


Podia is a platform that focuses more on helping you create engaging media that can be a great tool to help your students learn. It also offers key online course features such as quizzes, certificates, and much more. The platform caters to all sorts of educators thanks to its variety of amazing features.

However, the true standout element of Podia is its capacity that allows you to incorporate various media elements into your lessons. In this day and age where online learning is still in its early stages, it’s a must that you create engaging content that can keep your listeners hooked.

These are just some of the best online learning platforms that can help students and regular people alike gain more knowledge this 2021. Of course, these are just a few from a huge list. You should try to explore each platform before settling down on one first as there could be some that best fits your needs as an educator.

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